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I Could Care Less About Your Skinny Jeans

Coach Cherie Ó in front of Mt. Hood saying I could care less about your skinny jeans. smootherhealth.net

“I beg them to realize that it is a silent big red flashing light. 🚨 Red alert! Red alert! Things are malfunctioning inside!”

Sabotaged by Lack of Sleep

We burn the midnight oil in all sorts of ways, but are we sabotaging our health and weight loss efforts in the process?

Just a Bite of Cookie Can Trigger a Binge

it starts with a cookie at smoother health coaching

It starts with a cookie. You give yourself permission, “I’ll just have one.”  Then another and another.  “It’s just this one time.” “Everyone else is eating them.” [Insert additional justifications here] For many people, this is no big deal – a one-off or even… Continue Reading “Just a Bite of Cookie Can Trigger a Binge”