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What is Meaty Low Carb?

Meaty Low Carb™ is a term used here at Smoother Health Coaching for a meat-based way of eating (WOE) that falls along the spectrum of Zero Carb, Carnivore, Keto, Low Carb and Primal. It does not include sugar, grains, legumes or seed oils and it is ideal for combating insulin resistance, carb addiction and losing weight an any age, especially after menopause. So then, what do we eat? Get your free copy of the Meaty Low Carb Food Pyramid to find out.

What is Meaty Low Carb Living?

Meaty Low Carb Living involves the foods you eat, the way you move and think, and lifestyle choices that when combined, offer the best results aligned with the human body design. Diet, or what you eat, is only a part of it. Sleep for instance, or lack thereof, can actually work against even the best eating habits, resulting in unwanted weight gain, irritability and hard to manage cravings. It’s Meaty Low Carb Living that makes my programs so successful.

What is Insulin Resistance?

Insulin resistance is when our cells in our muscles, fat and liver stop responding to insulin, and refuse to take it in to reduce our blood glucose levels. Like a bully, the pancreas just sends out more. One cardiologist described the damage insulin does to be “like running a scouring pad through your veins” and it is believed that the less we rely on insulin in our lives, the better we will age.

Insulin resistance increases as we age and our hormones change through the phases of menopause. It also increases when we don’t sleep well, are stressed in life and when we try to “workout” the way we did when we were younger. Its estimated that up to 85% of US adults have insulin resistance.

Insulin resistance is the common denominator, root cause or smoking gun of most of our modern day illnesses, including Alzheimers, diabetes, heart attack, stroke, hypertension, obesity and cancer. Nip it in the bud now and your healthy future forecast will look much brighter.

Why does Meaty Low Carb work so well for Insulin Resistance?

The Meaty Low Carb WOE works so well for insulin resistance because we follow the 4 eating pillars outlined by Dr. Benjamin Bikman, an expert on the subject: 1) Control carbohydrates; 2) Prioritize protein; 3) Fill with fat; 4) Watch the clock. (Yes! That’s what I’ve been preaching all along! ) This creates a nominal need for insulin in the body, reversing insulin resistance and increasing insulin sensitivity. It’s like the scary bully outside is gone and the cells feel safe to open their doors again.

Furthermore, with Meaty Low Carb Living, whether in my online Metabolic Kickstart 21•Day Challenge, Menopausal Health Reset signature program or even in 1:1 coaching sessions, we focus on the bigger picture beyond diet: lifestyle and movement that enhance, compliment and ensure lasting results. This approach can be done long term and remarkably resembles the way we lived and thrived for most of human existence!

Why does Meaty Low Carb work so well for Carb Addiction?

Meaty Low Carb can be classified as an “abstinence” WOE or diet, because we abstain from things like sugar, grains, legumes and seed oils. These items increase/spike your blood glucose, cause inflammation in the body and cause damage that leads to nutrient deficiencies, autoimmune disorders and digestion problems. Most addiction “trigger foods” fall into these categories, so if we remove and stay completely away from them, we’ll lose the itch or craving for them. Obsessive thoughts become a thing of the past and the burden from secrets and binging is lifted as well.

How do I know if I have a Carb/Food Addiction?

Generally, a person honestly knows if they have “issues with food.” Ask yourself, “Am I craving certain foods? Do I have trouble controlling how much I eat? Do I feel guilty when I overindulge?” Sure, we all occasionally have cravings come up (when the smell of Cinnabon hits you in the mall), but the carb addict obsesses and battles her will over donuts in the break room, candies on a desk, or leftover birthday cake in the fridge. Like kryptonite, she needs to make it go away and usually does so by eating it.

A carb/food addiction is very real and functions just like any other addiction. You need bigger and bigger “hits” to satisfy the urges as you develop intolerance and you usually only stop when you’re out of food, sick or passed out. You sneak or hide what you eat and you feel enormous shame and guilt about your dirty little secret. I know this only too well as I have been a carb addict as long as I can remember. My world was rocked to the core when I went Meaty Low Carb and realized I was out from under the spell of sugar. To learn more, search my website and my Facebook page for “carb addiction”.

How do I know which program to choose?

The Metabolic Kickstart 21•Day Challenge is a great way to get started right away. It’s an online/in-app course with daily challenges, education and reminders, and your active participation and commitment to the 21 days will determine your success. It is for self starters, eager to get on track towards better health and weight loss, and really just need to know how. You can start anytime or during our Group events.

The Menopausal Health Reset, is a slower paced 12 week program, custom designed and offers more direct support, which is better suited for those facing bigger challenges like sugar addiction, or they have a significant amount of weight to lose, or frankly, they just want to do it right once and for all. By working directly with a certified health coach experienced with facing dieting issues women our age have battled for decades, like me, you can feel confident that you’ll have the guidance you need to help you succeed. I take on limited clients in this 1:1 coaching program, so apply for a spot if this is for you.

And, GREAT NEWS! I’m now offering the Menopause Health Rest in a Self-Guided online or in-app program! You can get started right away, with no application or consultation. You won’t have the 1:1 Coaching, but you’ll still get great support with weekly check-ins, Q&A sessions and community access to the Second Half Sisters in our private Facebook group.

Do you only work with Women Over 50?

While the majority of my clients fall into the category of “Second Half Sisters” and my content is written with them in mind, my programs would benefit male or female, young or old. (Oh, how my life would be different if I had gone Meaty Low Carb decades ago!) When selecting a coach to work with, it’s nice to have someone who can relate to the “road you’ve travelled” so I seem to connect more with women like me who grew up in the 60s, 70s and 80s, through all the fad diets, body image issues and health guidelines that got us in to the horrible health state in the U.S. that we are in now.

Do I have to apply to Work With You?

Anyone can purchase and start my online Metabolic Kickstart 21•Day Challenge and new Menopausal Health Reset Self Guided programs (contact me if outside the USA). My one-on-one (1:1) coaching sessions and Menopausal Health Reset with 1:1 coaching obviously require us to work directly together, so it’s important we determine we are a good fit before you make the investment. I like to outline a strategy first since everyone’s needs, paths and goals can vary considerably. Also, I keep limited openings for coaching sessions and program clients so I am able to manage my time and provide all the attention needed in support of a client’s success.

You can use the link below to get started with a free 30 minute strategy session or consultation:

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I’m going to sign up for Kickstart, but what if later I think I need more?

With the Complete Meaty Low Carb Eating Guide and daily education/challenges in the Metabolic Kickstart Challenge you can begin right away, but sometimes you need a little more 1:1 than you can get through the weekly reviews and our private Facebook group with the Second Half Sisters. Many clients have added private coaching session bundles, using their 10% discount, and we meet via video calls to delve deeper. Some of my clients realize that they are facing much bigger challenges than they thought and decide to upgrade to the Menopausal Health Reset, which again is slower paced, custom designed and offers more direct support, and they get credit from their Kickstart fee towards that upgrade.

I’m a vegetarian/vegan, can your programs be adjusted for my eating preference?

No. While there are some health coaches out there that teach a keto vegetarian way of eating, I personally don’t endorse nor encourage that approach. My programs are meat based (meat, fish, fowl & eggs) for a reason: it is the most nutritiously dense food group on the planet and it is what are bodies were designed to eat and thrive on. When we changed that up introducing and then pushing agriculture products, health problems and obesity was the result.

Do YOU have a question for me? Leave it for me in the comments below or reach out to me directly using the Contact Form.

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