Lose Menopause Weight This Fall, and Forever

What if you could

✅ EAT heartily – full and satisfied – and still LOSE weight effortlessly?

✅ shift your body back towards HEALTH and away from disease?

✅ gain the foundation you need for lifetime RESULTS in just 28 days?

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4 Ways to Outsmart Mother Nature for Weight Loss

Maybe you have experienced this yourself…

It’s a late summer’s evening, perhaps you’re out camping or in the backyard, and it is starting to get a bit chilly. You are so accustomed to running around in shorts or skorts, that the crisp cold air gently reminds you that autumn is not that far off. You run in the house or camper and dig out a pair of jeans to put on so you can head out back to the campfire.

As you try to button and zip your jeans, you realize that they are too tight!

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Time Management Strategies for Weight Loss & Beyond

I had a rude awakening.

I work from home running multiple businesses, and it was decided that we would branch further out by opening an online shop where we would sell exclusively designed Irish gifts to complement our Irish tour business. Completely new to my wheelhouse, I jumped in with both feet, took a step-by-step set up course, designed my Shopify page to be aesthetically pleasing and thoughtful, connected with printing sources and all the other technical integration required for a working website.

Then I needed to design some products and I wanted a variety of offerings. I love being creative, so this was an exciting and challenging rabbit hole to crawl down. Each item had to be set up with details like descriptions, images, pricing and get organized in collections. I was deeply in a state of creative flow and had everything else in the world tuned out.

Saturday evening I noticed the smell. Jaysus, was that me? When was the last time I had showered?

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