Time Management Strategies for Weight Loss & Beyond

I had a rude awakening.

I work from home running multiple businesses, and it was decided that we would branch further out by opening an online shop where we would sell exclusively designed Irish gifts to complement our Irish tour business. Completely new to my wheelhouse, I jumped in with both feet, took a step-by-step set up course, designed my Shopify page to be aesthetically pleasing and thoughtful, connected with printing sources and all the other technical integration required for a working website.

Then I needed to design some products and I wanted a variety of offerings. I love being creative, so this was an exciting and challenging rabbit hole to crawl down. Each item had to be set up with details like descriptions, images, pricing and get organized in collections. I was deeply in a state of creative flow and had everything else in the world tuned out.

Saturday evening I noticed the smell. Jaysus, was that me? When was the last time I had showered?

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5 Weight Loss Tips You Might Not Have Seen Coming

Not long ago I posted a blog about 6 Ways to Sabotage Your Weight Loss. Now it is time for some positive-approach, forward-step solutions to set you on the right path towards your weight loss goals.

Now this isn’t that “drink more water” and “eat tons of fiber” nonsense you see in other people’s posts. The goal is not to trick your body into thinking it is full when it isn’t. My Meaty Low Carb™ clients will tell you that this way of eating isn’t about skimpy portions, calorie counting or going hungry. We eat to fuel and thrive (which helps us shed pounds!)

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I Could Care Less About Your Skinny Jeans

Alright, to be honest, I loved getting back in to my skinny jeans and was happier still when they became loose on me when just half a year earlier I couldn’t get them on past my thighs. At that time I thought it would be impossible to ever wear them again.

When I see overweight women, particularly in their fifties like me and older, I don’t want to help them because I am concerned about what they LOOK like. I want to help them because I know that their weight gain is a WARNING sign of what is going on inside. Insulin resistance is brewing and it is just a matter of time until it manifests into one disease or another.

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