Feel Full of Gratitude With 3 New Things

3 new things

One of the practices I have all of my clients do is to write down 3 new things before bed that they are grateful for. Sounds like an easy task until you try it. The hard part is the word “new.”

After a few days of the big things that come to mind, suddenly you have to start searching elsewhere for something new. And the delightful part is that throughout the day, knowing that you’ll have to come up with something later on, you start looking at everything through the lens of “Is there something about this that I am grateful for?”

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Is Your Belly Fat a Sign of Health Run Amuck?

health run amuck 1 pledge

With the New Year, the hopes for a clean slate and a brighter future, weight loss resolutions still remain the most popular ones made. Losing weight as a resolution has sort of become tainted, it feels, like if you make it your resolution, you’re likely to fail.

You’ve seen lots of ads and posts and promises of losing weight this month, since this is considered the “busy” season of the year. As a health coach who helps menopausal women improve their overall health and longevity, it is something I always have to talk about. I love what I do and helping women discover simple changes that get them results, but I hate the focus on weight.⁣

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Don’t Be Fooled By Those “Magic Pills”

Magic Pills 1 Pledge

There is a time and place for nutritional supplements for various deficiencies, but we can easily get carried away with the latest blanket recommendations. 

Or worse yet, those magical solutions for “great sleep, increased memory, rapid weight loss”, and the many other advertised health issues we see on TV.

All with the fine print that their claims have not been evaluated by the FDA.

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