12 Health Benefits From Taking a Stroll outside

There is something vitally missing when we are cooped up in our offices or home offices all day. We NEED the fresh air and sunshine. It’s in our genetic makeup.

We were designed to thrive outside. We’ve created such comfortable environments to live and work in, that many of us seem to have forgotten where our natural habitat is.

I’m not asking you to give up anything drastic! Just incorporate a simple primal function in your daily routine: walk outside.

Here are some great benefits for walking outside:

🌀 improves memory

👣  reduces stress

🌀 gives you a chance to think

👣  boosts immunity

🌀  improves cognitive function

👣  uneven surfaces improve balance & reduce falls

🌀  can be used for meditation

👣  boosts creativity

🌀  lowers blood pressure, triglyceride levels & improves blood glucose control after meals

👣  strengthens core and glutes when actively engaged

🌀  improves mood

👣  allows you to feel present and a part of nature


Just like I discussed in a previous post on the importance of strengthening muscles using resistance exercises, actively walking each day should be considered essential.

As women age and our hormones change, we lose muscle strength and bone mass. We tend to gain more belly fat and our arteries become stiffer, increasing our risk for hypertension. However, exercise becomes MORE effective at improving body composition AFTER menopause than before.

Let’s not waste any more time and get started today! Set a goal of 15 minutes each and every day (sunshine or rain) to walk outside. See if it makes a difference for you! Or if you are up for a challenge, try the Up and At ‘Em 12,000 Step Challenge – it’s FREE!

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