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12 Health Benefits From Taking a Stroll Outside

walking outside 12 health benefits from taking a stroll outside

Break free from the confines of your office and spend 30 minutes each day outside! You’ll be surprised at how good a quick stint in nature will make you feel.

Who are my ideal clients?

ideal clients smoother health

My clients have a number of health issues, not just some added belly fat they are trying to get rid of. Health problems are a sign of insulin resistance going on inside – and that’s what we tackle with my Meaty Low Carb programs!

You Only Need to Strengthen the Muscles You Want to Keep

Strengthen muscles at smoother health coaching

When I realized that I could still lose weight without exercising, I thought, β€œHot damn!” because that’s the part I didn’t really like. I made the eating and lifestyle changes and lost weight, got into my skinny jeans and was pretty happy with that.⁣… Continue Reading “You Only Need to Strengthen the Muscles You Want to Keep”