You Only Need to Strengthen the Muscles You Want to Keep

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When I realized that I could still lose weight without exercising, I thought, “Hot damn!” because that’s the part I didn’t really like. I made the eating and lifestyle changes and lost weight, got into my skinny jeans and was pretty happy with that.⁣ Woo hoo!

Somewhere along the way I lost my butt.

It was pretty shapely in my younger days and my body was strong from wrangling kids, working and physically maintaining our home.⁣

After about age 30, we start losing muscle tone and our bone density can get weaker. The process continues to accelerate as we go through menopause. That’s why elderly women become so frail and break bones when they fall.⁣

So here’s a question to think about: do you want to remain self-sufficient in your old age?⁣

💪🏼 Carrying the groceries in from the car⁣
💪🏼 Wheeling the garbage and recycling bins out to the curb. ⁣
💪🏼 Getting the holiday decorations down from the garage⁣
💪🏼 Picking yourself off the floor if you happen to fall⁣
💪🏼 Lifting yourself on and off the toilet on your own⁣

Grace trying to pull herself off the toile in Grace and Frankie. Strengthen Muscles.

Grace had to get creative in this episode when she found herself stuck on the toilet. If you have trouble getting up from the couch or your chair, be warned that the toilet could be your next big issue.

We are over the hump ladies, so those days are coming when we will NEED help, maybe with everything. But we have a say in how quickly, or if ever, that happens.⁣

It is never too late to rebuild strength. You might be like me and have a big hole to dig yourself out of so it is more important now than ever to make it a priority. ⁣

Don’t be tempted to just limit your fitness activity to cardio. Many ladies stick to the elliptical, bike or treadmill, but at our age, it’s also extremely important to strengthen our muscles.

Muscle wasting and bone thinning are very common post menopause, so I suggest doing weight bearing exercises 2-3 days per week. You want to be sure to give yourself at the bare minimum, 48 hours between sessions.

No, you don’t need to hit the weight machines at the gym (though you would be surprised how fun that is!) or get real fancy with the equipment. For starters, you can do the 4 Primal Essential Movements: push-ups, pull-ups, squats and plank.

Now I realize you may not have a pull-up bar at your house. I have my clients do tricep dips on the counter or a chair as an alternative.

You can watch the 4 Mark Sisson videos in the PEM link up above if you would like a full explanation on how its done. He will demonstrate the different progression levels so you can work within your fitness level.

“Mastery” for women is: 20 push-ups, 5 overhand grip pull-ups, 50 squats and 2 minute plank. Start simply with what YOU can do and build from there. Even 5-10 minutes is beneficial, so give it a try!

My clients get access to the Bonus Fitness Hub, with a variety of workouts perfect for women over 50, and for all fitness levels, to get that strong, lean, healthy body to help you #AgeAwesomely.

🌀 🧡 🌀 🧡 🌀

Today’s ONE Task:

Do squats until your thighs tell you to stop.

Squats are one of the Primal Essential Movements (PEM) that we use in both of my programs.

Not only will squats shape your quads, hamstrings, and glutes, they’ll also help your balance and mobility, and increase your strength.

They will improve your flexibility, and strengthen your spine.

Be sure to watch this video to learn proper form and where to begin based on your fitness level.

➤ How did you do with today’s ONE task? Was it harder or easier than you expected? How many squats were you able to do? In which muscles did you feel it the most?

Let us know how your experience went in the comments below ⇣⇣

🌀 🧡 🌀 🧡 🌀

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