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Who are my ideal clients?

ideal clients smoother health

My clients have a number of health issues, not just some added belly fat they are trying to get rid of. Health problems are a sign of insulin resistance going on inside – and that’s what we tackle with my Meaty Low Carb programs!

I Could Care Less About Your Skinny Jeans

Coach Cherie Γ“ in front of Mt. Hood saying I could care less about your skinny jeans. smootherhealth.net

“I beg them to realize that it is a silent big red flashing light. 🚨 Red alert! Red alert! Things are malfunctioning inside!”

Don’t Overlook This Important Foot Check!

Daily foot check with Smoother Health Coaching

One of my responsibilities in my 20 year career at the pharmacy was fitting diabetic shoes for our qualifying Medicare customers (see more info below). While you yourself may not be a diagnosed diabetic, the importance of monitoring the health of your feet (or… Continue Reading “Don’t Overlook This Important Foot Check!”