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Don’t Be Fooled By Those “Magic Pills”

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There is a time and place for nutritional supplements for various deficiencies, but we can easily get carried away with the latest blanket recommendations.  Or worse yet, those magical solutions for “great sleep, increased memory, rapid weight loss”, and the many other advertised health… Continue Reading “Don’t Be Fooled By Those “Magic Pills””

“My Doctor Says I have Prediabetes”

Maybe this has been said to you yourself, or to your mother at a recent appointment. It’s a simple name. We have heard of people with “diabetes” who need to eat sugar free foods and sometimes take insulin. Occasionally their blood sugar goes real… Continue Reading ““My Doctor Says I have Prediabetes””

Why Old Weight Loss Diets Fail Us (And the Solution to Get Results)

“The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results.” Albert Einstein Let us gather all the health and fitness advice that’s been thrown at us over the years. The “Conventional Wisdom”. The Food Pyramid. My Plate. Calories in,… Continue Reading “Why Old Weight Loss Diets Fail Us (And the Solution to Get Results)”