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Lose Menopause Weight This Fall, and Forever!

New for fall 2022, the Metabolic Kickstart 21•Day Challenge is under way, with a special offer for a pre-holiday GROUP Challenge at an extremely low price.

5 Paths to Weight Loss Success for Women Over 50

You’ve read the books. You’ve scrolled the internet, Facebook and Instagram for the information. You’ve downloaded “freebies” and recipes. You’ve watched all the videos. Your brain is over-flowing with tons of information on how to lose the fat and rebuild your strength and health.… Continue Reading “5 Paths to Weight Loss Success for Women Over 50”

I Could Care Less About Your Skinny Jeans

“I beg them to realize that it is a silent big red flashing light. 🚨 Red alert! Red alert! Things are malfunctioning inside!”