You Only Need to Strengthen the Muscles You Want to Keep

Strengthen muscles at smoother health coaching

When I realized that I could still lose weight without exercising, I thought, “Hot damn!” because that’s the part I didn’t really like. I made the eating and lifestyle changes and lost weight, got into my skinny jeans and was pretty happy with that.⁣ Woo hoo!

Somewhere along the way I lost my butt.

It was pretty shapely in my younger days and my body was strong from wrangling kids, working and physically maintaining our home.⁣

After about age 30, we start losing muscle tone and our bone density can get weaker. The process continues to accelerate as we go through menopause. That’s why elderly women become so frail and break bones when they fall.⁣

So here’s a question to think about: do you want to remain self-sufficient in your old age?⁣

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Sabotaged by Lack of Sleep

You’ll hear me say this all the time: SLEEP is the most critical component of a healthy lifestyle. I know, I know – Primal Health says 80% food, 10% exercise & 10% sleep and stress management. The truth that we see the most, is that in spite of the best food and exercise habits, lack of sleep can increase stress and appetite (agitated and hungry), interfere with satiety signals and metabolism (overeat and store more fat), and leave you cognitively impaired throughout your day (dangerous and foggy). Can you see why I feel so strongly about it?

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Just a Bite of Cookie Can Trigger a Binge

it starts with a cookie at smoother health coaching

It starts with a cookie.

You give yourself permission, “I’ll just have one.” 

Then another and another. 

“It’s just this one time.”

“Everyone else is eating them.”

[Insert additional justifications here]

For many people, this is no big deal – a one-off or even something that’s never really noticed.

For the food/carb addict however, even one bite can be the spark that starts the fire. 

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