4 Ways to Outsmart Mother Nature for Fat Loss

4 Ways to Outsmart Mother Nature for Fat Loss Smoother Health

Maybe you have experienced this yourself…

It’s a late summer’s evening, perhaps you’re out camping or in the backyard, and it is starting to get a bit chilly. You are so accustomed to running around in shorts or skorts, that the crisp cold air gently reminds you that autumn is not that far off. You run in the house or camper and dig out a pair of jeans to put on so you can head out back to the campfire.

As you try to button and zip your jeans, you realize that they are too tight!

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Add Rucking to Your Walk to Boost Fitness

Rucking Smoother Health

When my clients first get going on the Menopausal Health Reset program, they are very compliant with taking their daily walks. In no time they are saying how much they enjoy them, look forward to them, sleep better and feel more at peace throughout their day.

Getting them motivated when we start strength building isn’t quite so simple.

It’s more of a mental block – thinking they don’t have the ability to do push-up or squats, they’re too old or that they are already losing weight without it, so why bother?

That’s when I introduce them to rucking.

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Taming Your Carb Monster

Taming your carb monster at Smoother Health Coaching

When you are making an effort to incorporate a new healthy lifestyle, there are many signs of progress. The obvious scale readings, clothes fitting looser, that lighter feeling. There may be other signs that you need to tune in to your body to notice: not feeling the pangs of hunger, sleeping better at night, less anxiety about your food choices, not having that afternoon sugar crash. Often, you just feel really good, both physically and mentally.

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