4 Ways to Outsmart Mother Nature for Weight Loss

Maybe you have experienced this yourself…

It’s a late summer’s evening, perhaps you’re out camping or in the backyard, and it is starting to get a bit chilly. You are so accustomed to running around in shorts or skorts, that the crisp cold air gently reminds you that autumn is not that far off. You run in the house or camper and dig out a pair of jeans to put on so you can head out back to the campfire.

As you try to button and zip your jeans, you realize that they are too tight!

When the heck did THAT happen! You’ve been enjoying yourself all summer with family and friends, keeping busy, working in the yard, riding bikes and even hiking. How could you have possibly gained weight?!

Don’t panic. It’s not you, it’s Mother Nature. And if you look towards the wild animal kingdom, or simply reflect on how women lived hundreds of thousands of years ago, the pattern starts to emerge. We are cyclical beings, following our circadian rhythm within us and the seasonal changes all around us.


Summertime is the time for the ripening of fruit, and those plants are counting on us (humans and animals) to eat the sweet fleshy parts and then spread their (fertilized) seeds all over the earth. Being from Oregon myself, I’ve always loved berry season – going out to pick them fresh, finding bushes while on a hike, having strawberry shortcake at a family gathering – it is a traditional part of summer! And I would EAT them as fast as I could PICK them!

There is a reason that we call fruit “nature’s candy.” That natural sweetness ignites the sugar flame inside us so we keep eating more and more, not only to spread the plant’s seeds, but to fatten us up! Longer days and the sugar spikes fuel our appetites. When we were younger and fertile, we would be getting ready for babies and the late summer nights provided us lots of opportunities to get pregnant. We also had to survive the coming winter, where food would be scarce and we would surely need our fat stores to fuel us.

Today’s breeds of fruit are way bigger, sweeter and juicier than anything that ever occurred in the wild and for menopausal women who are becoming insulin resistant, that sweetness turns to fat in our mid-section. Fruit is also available year round along with everything else in our fully stocked fridge. Winter never comes for us: food is never scarce, the days are still long with artificial lights and unless we make the effort, we won’t be dipping in to those fat stores.

What can be done to outsmart Mother Nature who expects an upcoming winter famine for you?

For us women over 50 with our hormonal changes, reducing stress and getting quality sleep are the keys to combating insulin resistance and its sinister fat storing habits. Add in Meaty Low Carb eating and it doesn’t even stand a chance!

1Skip the Fruit – That was painful to read, I know. Try limiting your fruit to avocados, lemons, limes, and olives with berries only occasionally. Sweet tastes and cravings are hardest to shake and though it does get easier as time goes on, often it is a step or two back with each indulgence. (Get my free Meaty Low Carb Food Pyramid to see what’s great to eat!)

2Keep a Consistent Sleep Schedule – Year round, light or dark, practice a good winding down routine in a sleep inducing environment at a regular time. You’ll find yourself falling asleep quicker and staying asleep until you naturally awake with the birdies. (Read my free Best Sleep Guide for best sleep hygiene practices.)

3Get Up and Move – I’m not talking about “burning calories” here, simply moving in different ways as our ancestors would have done in their nomadic lives. Get up from your desk or couch at least every hour and get some movement – walk, dance, stairs, calisthenics, stretches, kickboxing, chase the dog or grandkids and take a longer evening stroll before bed. We sleep better when we’ve been active. (Take my free Step Challenge!)

4Find Ways to Reduce Stress – Easier said than done these days, but every little effort adds up. You could try a meditation app, positive affirmations, get a massage, play music, relax in a floatie on the water, do yoga, breath work, EFT tapping, journaling or gratitude exercises, volunteer work or just play like a kid. (What is your stress level? Take this free quiz to find out.)

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