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Just a Bite of Cookie Can Trigger a Binge

it starts with a cookie at smoother health coaching

It starts with a cookie. You give yourself permission, “I’ll just have one.”  Then another and another.  “It’s just this one time.” “Everyone else is eating them.” [Insert additional justifications here] For many people, this is no big deal – a one-off or even… Continue Reading “Just a Bite of Cookie Can Trigger a Binge”

Taming Your Carb Monster

Taming your carb monster at Smoother Health Coaching

Tame your Carb Monster within and make sweet cravings a thing of the past.

Why Do We Keep Craving?

Why do we keep craving? Smoother Health

Let’s imagine this scenario: You’ve just started a new diet and are looking over the food list for things you can eat. Did you immediately search for the goodies? I would have. You notice that you are allowed 1 dessert after dinner – 1/2… Continue Reading “Why Do We Keep Craving?”