6 Ways to Sabotage Your Weight Loss

6 Ways to Sabotage Your Weight Loss

You are committed to losing weight this time. You’ve got a game plan, eating unprocessed foods, cutting sugar and have an accountability partner. Good for you! If you’re over 50, you may need to consider this as well…

One thing many menopausal women don’t understand is that stress is really not your friend. Okay, you’ve never been “friends” but now stress is more like a creepy stalker that you always have to be on the lookout for. That’s because we are more sensitive to stressors, and those extra shots of the stress hormone cortisol will have you packing on visceral fat in the middle. It also leads to insulin resistance, which is the starting point for practically all of our modern day illnesses like diabetes, heart disease, Alzheimer’s and cancer.

From working with my clients and of course, my own experiences with sugar addiction and overcoming menopause weight gain, I’ve come up with a short list of 6 things to watch out for that can derail your weight loss efforts:⁣

1 Lack of Sleep… I talk about this often in my programs and on social media, when you skimp on sleep, expect the stress hormone cortisol to be high the next day. That means you’ll be hungry, cranky, and craving and we all know that nothing but a good night’s sleep will make it go away. It is the itch you can’t scratch.

2 Bringing Junk Food Home… If you bring it, you intend to eat it. And sometimes you need to eat it all “right now”, so it’s gone. If there is nothing tasty hiding in the pantry (or ingredients to create something!) then saying “no” becomes much easier. Skip the guilt and the temptation by not bringing junk home in the first place.⁣

3 Not Eating Enough… In the diet mentality world of eat less, move more, we’ve conditioned ourselves to eat small dainty portions. In my programs, we eat Meaty Low Carb™ until we are full. If you are hungry for a snack an hour or two later, you didn’t eat enough and perhaps need more fat. You actually eat less by eating more and the food you eat is nourishing you properly.⁣ Brilliant.

4 Frequent Weighing… We have given an incredible amount of power to those numbers on the scale, yet they are fairly useless. Water weight can fluctuate by 4 lbs each day. A woman could be flabby at 150 or fit at 150 – the scale doesn’t know the difference. Put the scale away. You don’t need the stress (see no.1). Try on a pair of jeans each week and check your progress that way.⁣


5 Alcohol… You may not want to hear this but the body has to deal with the toxicity of alcohol first, so fat burning stops, and fat storage starts (much like with sugar & carbs). If you are serious about wanting to lose weight, take a break from drinking most days. (Bonus, you will likely sleep better and that helps with no.1)⁣

6 Over-exercising… Back in the days of Jane Fonda or Tae Bo, we learned we had to “feel the burn” to burn all the fat off and get that “calorie deficit.” Our bodies are far more complicated than a simple math equation. When we over-exercise we are taxing our adrenals and stressing our bodies. And now you fully understand that that is no bueno.

These are some things you should be thinking about when starting a weight loss effort with hopefully a lifestyle change. The fad diets of our 20s just won’t cut it anymore and if we want to be healthy enough to savor life in our Second Half, it’s important to do it right. That means eating foods our bodies were designed for (like Meaty Low Carb™), moving to strengthen and tone without over-stressing and lifestyle habits that encourage quality sleep, stress reduction, mindfulness and positivity.

My programs do all of that and more, and they are designed with quick and easy small tasks that bring big results. More bang for your buck. I know that my time is precious and so is yours. I want results! You can click the buttons below to learn more about my programs.

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