Keep it Simple and Free From Obstacles

Keep it simple

The path of least resistance is in our nature.

Our primal ancestors, though living very active lives, conserved their energy whenever the could. After all, you never knew when you would need to spring into action!

When we have a new habit that we are trying to embrace, it’s best to keep the road as clear as possible to successfully do it.

Say you are wanting to go to the gym everyday to improve your fitness. If your gym is on the other side of town, busiest at the only times you have free in your schedule, and requires a second shower because you’re a sweaty mess, you’ll be less motivated to go.

Sure, once you get there you love it but we sometimes forget that when it involves a lot of drudgery.

This is certainly one of the reasons I encourage simple exercises you can do at home and getting outside to walk or hike. Inside fitness is the best because you don’t even have to get dressed or put on your shoes.

And keeping a designated area “prepped” with everything you need helps you easily walk right over and get started.

In 2022 I started using a coaching app that houses my Menopausal Health Reset and Metabolic Kickstart programs and I am incredibly happy that I made the switch!

Instead of relying on emails to deliver daily links during my programs, or sending you from this website to that one where the courses are housed, the My Coach app delivers daily content right to your smart phone (iOS and Android).

You read the lessons, check off the tasks, put in whichever metrics we are tracking and you are done!

The beauty of the app is that it connects coach and client. I can see your metrics, notice if you are struggling, and we can communicate with each other directly through the included messaging.

Yep, if you have questions, need some advice or are just looking for a Meaty Low Carb recipe for a special event – I’m there.

There is also a private community within the app that offers FB style posting for current program clients.

This is perfect when I’m running a group program because it is only us and we don’t have to weed through ads and unrelated stuff you find on social media.

➀ Do you struggle with new habits because they require a lot of steps? How might you simplify it to lessen the resistance? Do you have your own trick that works well for you?

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