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Feel Full of Gratitude With 3 New Things

3 new things

One of the practices I have all of my clients do is to write down 3 new things before bed that they are grateful for. Sounds like an easy task until you try it. The hard part is the word “new.” After a few… Continue Reading “Feel Full of Gratitude With 3 New Things”

Keep it Simple and Free From Obstacles

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The path of least resistance is in our nature. Our primal ancestors, though living very active lives, conserved their energy whenever the could. After all, you never knew when you would need to spring into action! When we have a new habit that we… Continue Reading “Keep it Simple and Free From Obstacles”

Daily Tiny Efforts Add Up to Big Results

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We all want to be healthy, fit and physically capable, but as we age we begin to feel as though we are slipping away from wellness and moving towards un-wellness. We see it in our reflections. It shows on our face. We feel it… Continue Reading “Daily Tiny Efforts Add Up to Big Results”