Feel Full of Gratitude With 3 New Things

3 new things

One of the practices I have all of my clients do is to write down 3 new things before bed that they are grateful for. Sounds like an easy task until you try it. The hard part is the word β€œnew.”

After a few days of the big things that come to mind, suddenly you have to start searching elsewhere for something new. And the delightful part is that throughout the day, knowing that you’ll have to come up with something later on, you start looking at everything through the lens of β€œIs there something about this that I am grateful for?”

It’s a beautiful way to see things and appreciate even the tiny benefits that a person or object might bring.

After doing this task before bed, soul searching for those feelings of gratitude, drifting off to sleep becomes much easier, and those positive thoughts seem to manifest in our dreams. I can’t guarantee that will happen for everyone, but my clients can back me up on this.

Here’s what I tell my clients:

Focus on people instead of things 🧑 You’ll find greater joy from personal actions than tangible items.

Be as specific as possible 🧑 Instead of writing “I’m grateful for my husband” say “I’m grateful that my husband took out the trash without my even asking.”

Don’t limit to just the good 🧑 Be grateful for the narrow escapes, pitfalls avoided and making the most of bad situations. Consider the things you may be taking for granted.

Don’t forget about you 🧑 You do many things for yourself and others, so be sure to give yourself a little love and appreciation.

Notice the unexpected 🧑 The good things you didn’t see coming are extra impactful.

See the good things as gifts 🧑 When we think of the good stuff as gifts we received, we appreciate and value them even more.

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Today’s ONE Task:

Write down 3 New Things you are grateful for.

You can use a journal, make a document, post on social media or even use a sticky note and create a gratitude wall. Let your creativity flow!

The important thing is to write down 3 things that you appreciate and feel gratitude for.

Try doing this exercise before bed for 2 weeks and see if you feel the difference in how you view your world.

➀ Have YOU tried this exercise or something similar before? How did you feel after doing it today? Was it easy or hard for you? Were there any surprises? Will you continue this practice and see what happens?

Let us know your experience in the comments below⇣⇣

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