Why Old Weight Loss Diets Fail Us (And the Solution to Get Results)

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Symptoms my clients of Smoother Health Coaching had.

β€œThe definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results.”

Albert Einstein

Let us gather all the health and fitness advice that’s been thrown at us over the years. The “Conventional Wisdom”. The Food Pyramid. My Plate. Calories in, calories out. Eat less, exercise more. The Biggest Loser.

Then, step back and take a good hard look at it. It’s what we’ve been taught. It’s ingrained. We’ve been following it for decades. Why isn’t it working?

I’m a sugar addict. Most of us have a sweet tooth – with varying intensities. Sugar is addictive. It targets that opioid reward center in the brain just like alcohol, nicotine, heroin and crack. And a “Sugar-Crackhead” is an accurate description of how I felt when I was craving some. Oh you might not have seen it to look at me, but it was going on in there.

This addiction actually serves a purpose in our perfectly designed human body. Our hunter-gatherer ancestors ate and craved seasonal items such as fruits, gourds and tubers in the summer and fall because they needed to put on extra weight for the winter to survive. The long summer days increased their appetites as well, to ensure they ate as much as possible. Seasonal foods and winter famine are no longer issues in our modern day world. And with electric lights extending our daylight hours, to our bodies, it LOOKS like we are in an ENDLESS summer and winter NEVER comes. It’s no wonder obesity is an epidemic! My Meaty Low Carb programs gets you back in that Seasonal Rhythm, without packing on the pounds for winter.

β€œWe don’t get fat because we overeat; we overeat because we’re getting fat.” 

Gary Taubes

Sugar and the resulting insulin spike have SO much to do with our current health problems. As our bodies are trying to bring our blood sugar down, in what it detects as an emergency, the rest gets sent to “storage” and our cells don’t get fed the nutrients they had asked for. So they ask again. If you eat more sugar, then Spike, Insulin, Emergency, Storage, Not Fed again… ask for more. Repeat. You are hungry all the time. That is a metabolic breakdown.

“No amount of willpower can stand up to the force of dysregulated appetite hormones and hungry opioid receptors in your brain.”

Mark Sisson

Do you ever have to battle your willpower? Who usually wins? Have you ever had leftover birthday cake for breakfast, lunch and dinner because it was there? Did you know that a pint of ice cream is NOT a single serving? Are you ever NOT aware of treats someone brought into the employee break room? Have you ever rewarded yourself with a sweet snack after a workout? How about ditching a diet because you crashed every afternoon as your blood sugar tanked, and you couldn’t sustain the hunger? Any feelings of guilt, shame or hopelessness associated with all that? Um, that was me. My Meaty Low Carb programs will help you calm the cravings and thoughts to merely a quiet whisper. And when you do wish to treat yourself, you will do so thoughtfully, mindfully and free of emotional judgement.

Did you know that our hunter-gatherer ancestors lived lives that were virtually FREE of obesity, heart disease, cancer, diabetes, dental decay and other modern afflictions?

Did you know that the ONLY creatures currently on the planet that have those afflictions are fed by us? (Humans, pets, livestock or those animals who rifle through our garbage)

Do you SEE the connection?!? These afflictions AREN’T just part of the natural “process of aging”. They AREN’T inevitable just because your mom or Aunt Sally had them before you. They AREN’T things that you “just have to live with” or may debilitate you later on in life. They ARE results of diet and lifestyle. My Meaty Low Carb programs help you reset to where your immune system works at its BEST and you will learn to fuel with nourishing foods that don’t muck up the whole system. Our bodies KNOW inherently what to do. We need to get out of the way!

Did you know that we become more sensitive to stress as we approach menopause? Estrogen and progesterone are active players in fat storage and how we react to stress (cortisol). As our estrogen decreases in menopause, we put on more belly fat, our sleep gets disrupted, and our muscles begin to waste. Recall how weight fluctuates with your period? In menopause its more of the bad and less of the good. No bueno. My Meaty Low Carb programs use this knowledge and put it to work for your benefit.

“Perhaps a less familiar idea is that our lifestyles can actually BE medicine.”

Dr. Rangan Chatterjee

How do you feel? When you awake in the morning are you rested and energetic? Or do you feel not enough coffee in the world could revive you? Do you feel stressed out and frazzled? Do you feel like curling up on the couch with the curtains pulled to binge watch Netflix? Do you exercise or over-exercise? Do you have the energy to go outside on a beautiful day? Do you ever feel guilty for doing something that takes care of YOU? Do you ever speak or berate yourself with harsh words that you would NEVER utter to a friend or loved one? My Meaty Low Carb programs are geared to get things back in alignment, back in the Rhythm, pampering the inner you and bringing Vitality in to your life. Wouldn’t it be a joy to feel like a carefree kid again, raring to go outside and on a new adventure?

This is not a “diet”. We won’t be weighing, measuring, counting calories, food journaling, menu-following, or eating at scheduled times. But you WILL learn how to listen to your body and feed it nourishing foods.

You will likely lose weight. It’s a side effect. Your body will be changing in many different ways and may look nothing like it ever has before. We don’t really care what the scale says however. You will learn to judge your successes in other ways. My Meaty Low Carb Programs are designed for all stages of your journey.

No gym membership required. Nor fancy home equipment either. The fitness portion of my Programs can be done by all ages and any level of fitness, darn near anywhere. We lose muscle mass with age and it’s true that you “use it or lose it”. We are going to NEED our strength as we get older!

You are going to get some sleep. Lack of sleep can derail even the most perfect eating plan. And quality sleep is needed to get your body back in to Rhythm. This is the MOST IMPORTANT key to health and wellness as far as I’m concerned, and you will be amazed by the benefits. (Join our Smoother Health Community below to receive my FREE guide for a great night’s sleep in the Resource Library!)

You will find improvements in unexpected places. People all over the globe have been surprised at the different ways their health has improved after adopting the changes used in my Meaty Low Carb Programs. For example, I had severe seasonal, food and drug allergies that affected EVERY aspect of my life. I no longer have them since I healed my gut following these Programs (that’s where SO many health problems begin!)

You won’t go hungry. We eat foods that are filling and satisfying. Our hunger signals actually WORK again without sugar and insulin messing them up. Back when I was feeling like a Sugar-Crackhead I would have NEVER believed that I could ever skip a meal or even two! I do it all the time now and I don’t feel hungry, and my body is still being fed.

You won’t need “special” food. Would your family object to juicy grilled steaks for dinner? How about a nice omelet with bacon in the morning? Ya, I didn’t think so. My kids have never objected to that. Have an Instant Pot or Crock-Pot? Bam, simple simple. I emphasize quality and unprocessed foods in my Meaty Low Carb Programs, so the nutrition is actually absorbed rather than…well, you know.

It’s not just eating, sleeping and moving. We delve in to a whole lot of other things in my Meaty Low Carb Programs, with the ultimate goal of graduating you to a healthy, vital way of living that is totally sustainable – through holidays, vacations, digressions and life stressors that pop up. Your body will be back to functioning properly, as it was designed to do, so these former BIG deals (aka derailments), won’t be anything really. You’ll effortlessly get back on track – guilt and shame free. Results for Life!

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