Sugar is Lurking Everywhere!

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Sugar can accelerate the appearance of wrinkles, cause acne, sagging skin around your chin and neck, increase dark spot development, and slow the healing of cuts and scars. It can harm your gut biome, leading to leaky gut and inflammation, which can trigger a whole host of health issues as a result. It is also a key instigator of insulin resistance, the smoking gun to most of our modern daily ailments.

While these days you can find sugar in one shape or form in practically every processed food, we should take pause to realize that sugar as we know it, is not a natural part of our human diet.

If we go way back to our primal ancestors, sweet tastes could only be found with the discovery of a beehive or wild seasonal fruits that weren’t anything as big, plump, sweet or juicy as our modern fruit hybrids.

Wild fruits served a purpose: to fatten us up in preparation for the harsh winter ahead, when often we had to rely on our fat stores to keep us alive.

A fattening sweet? Go figure.

Here’s what I tell my coaching clients:

Our human body has absolutely no use for dietary sugar: it offers no nutritional value and it is not essential for us to live. But some cells and organs need glucose you say? Surprise, your body can make all the glucose it needs without putting anything in your mouth.

So if you see anything mentioning the recommended daily “sugar intake” remember that it is ZERO and their number is a suggestion of how many sugar laden products they want you to buy.

Sugar is the lifeblood of Big Food and their army of lobbyists. Profit is king and your health and wellness is not. You getting sick conveniently helps Big Pharma out, too, so it is truly a big buck partnership.

Big Food spends billions on nutritional “studies” that provide a favorable outcome to vindicate sugar as safe to eat and good for you. Any study or article that you come across that gives sugar a big ‘ol halo, question who sponsored it.

Sugar, disguised in a multitude of ways is added to food to not only make it more palatable, but also to make it addictive. Over the years things have gotten sweeter to feed our growing addiction. That’s why it is in everything, even things you wouldn’t expect – to keeping you consuming and wanting more.

When you look at an ingredients label, the items are listed in order of how much is in it. So you would think that if sugar were near the bottom, there’s not much, and it’s likely a safe choice.

Nowadays, Big Food uses multiple forms of sugar so that alone, they are down on the list but if you added them all together, they would be at the top! Sneaky!

Members can download my free Sugar List to help you spot sugar under all of its aliases. Not a Member? Simply register – it’s free!

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Today’s ONE Task:

Read the ingredients of everything you eat.

Look at the packaged food, the spices you cook with, the powder for your smoothie, the snacks in your purse.

This is not so much an exercise in avoiding certain ingredients as it is a way to become aware of what is in our food.

Can you pronounce everything? Do you know what it is made from? Could you draw a picture of it if you had to?

A good rule of thumb when choosing real food (or close to it) is that every ingredient should be known to a first grader.

Use the Sugar List to see if you can find all of the hidden sugars.

➤ What is the most surprising food item that YOU found sugar in? How many different names for sugar did you find in one item?

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