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5 Paths to Weight Loss Success for Women Over 50

You’ve read the books. You’ve scrolled the internet, Facebook and Instagram for the information. You’ve downloaded “freebies” and recipes. You’ve watched all the videos. Your brain is over-flowing with tons of information on how to lose the fat and rebuild your strength and health.… Continue Reading “5 Paths to Weight Loss Success for Women Over 50”

Lose Menopause Weight This Fall, and Forever

What if you could… ✅ EAT heartily – full and satisfied – and still LOSE weight effortlessly? ✅ shift your body back towards HEALTH and away from disease? ✅ gain the foundation you need for lifetime RESULTS in just 28 days? ✅ SAVE big… Continue Reading “Lose Menopause Weight This Fall, and Forever”

Don’t Give in to “Easy”

It’s easy to think, “I just don’t want to make the effort,” leaving you stuck in the same situation. Maybe you have just accepted that this is the new size of you. But there is a pair of skinny jeans or a favorite dress in your closet that is a constant reminder of what you once were…