Don’t Be Fooled By Those “Magic Pills”

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There is a time and place for nutritional supplements for various deficiencies, but we can easily get carried away with the latest blanket recommendations. 

Or worse yet, those magical solutions for “great sleep, increased memory, rapid weight loss”, and the many other advertised health issues we see on TV.

All with the fine print that their claims have not been evaluated by the FDA.

Those sounds-too-good-to-be-true claims often come with a hefty price tag, multiple-pill-a-day dosing and a length of “therapy” of one to several months – with a special deal so you buy all you need up front.

They’re hoping to collect your money and get out of dodge before you figure out that yes indeed, it was snake oil.

I’m all for capitalism, but let’s keep some things in mind:

🌀 Eating nutritionally viable foods (like Meaty Low Carb) leaves little need for additional supplementation. It is important at our age especially, to get Omega-3s, Vitamin D (sunshine!) and collagen from quality sources.

🌀 Removing sugars, grains, legumes, inflammatory vegetable oils and other anti-nutrients from your diet helps you absorb more nutrition from the foods that you do eat. Sugar, for example, competes with Vitamin C for the same receptors and usually wins.

🌀 The root cause of most of our modern day diseases is insulin resistance and try as Big Pharma may, no drug-able solution has been discovered. A food-able solution however, is quite well known, and it doesn’t involve veggie burgers, low-fat concoctions or weight loss shakes.

Simply eat a variety of real unprocessed Meaty Low Carb foods that fill you up and leave you satisfied. The same foods our bodies were designed to eat and function at our best with. It’s no wonder my clients FEEL so much better when they get back to basics and skip the science experiments that all those “magic pills” are.

🌀 🧡 🌀 🧡 🌀

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