Red Flag Statin Warnings

In my nearly two decades working in the pharmacy, it seemed like most of the adults and elderly were taking some form of statin drug. I remember once after I had bloodwork done, a year after I had gotten myself healthy, the nurse said that my cholesterol was high and the doctor wanted to put me on a statin.

I hit the roof, basically chewed her out over the phone, that it would even be suggested for a healthy, symptom-free woman in her 40s, since it was well known even then, that the risks outweighed the benefits. I apologized for my outburst, had her make note of my refusal and why, and had my labs sent over. Yep, my total number was the same 222, but my ratios had dramatically improved to excellent and my triglycerides were fantastic.

I think too often those doctors refer to a chart of made up numbers given to them by the Pfizer Sales Rep and blindly write out a prescription. Clearly that was the case with me.

When being advised to reduce our cholesterol numbers, shouldn’t we be asking “Why?” Our bodies make and store cholesterol in absolutely every cell. We NEED cholesterol for our cells and our brains to function properly. Cholesterol has been maligned and wrongfully accused of CAUSING what it is trying to heal. Like blaming the fireman for the fire they’re trying to put out.

There has never been a scientific study that has been able to demonstrate a causal link between cholesterol and heart disease. The reality is that cholesterol, in its natural form, cannot be harmful.


Ooh, but that doesn’t fly with the lies we have been fed that have been demonizing saturated fat and cholesterol all this time. And go figure, since we have been depleting the body with cholesterol lowering statins all these years, following that great advice, we have gotten sicker as a nation, with an extremely high incidence of Alzheimer’s and cancer.

Many do believe that statins CAN help with heart disease because of their anti-inflammatory effects, much like a super aspirin, and only a very low dose is needed to see that benefit. However, the LDL number lowering benefit is worthless, even harmful. So every time your dose was raised to get those numbers down, it was for nothing and simply increased your risk of side effects or damage. The drug companies have known this for some time, but aren’t about to come forward with “Whoops, now we know how our drug works and it had nothing to do with cholesterol levels.”🤷🏻‍♀️

So, what is so bad about lowering your cholesterol? We NEED a lot of it!

🌀 The protection of our brains and the creation of every thought requires significant amounts.
🌀 The maintenance and repair of our neurons and nerves requires huge amounts.
🌀 Bone repair and maintenance cells need cholesterol to function.
🌀 They are a big part of our ability to control and stop infections.
🌀 It is a very good insulator and antioxidant.
🌀 Low levels can cause neuromuscular problems.
🌀 Depression, violent behavior, homicidal behavior and suicide are associated with cholesterol depletion.
🌀 Cholesterol is the precursor to critical hormones including estrogen, progesterone, testosterone, aldosterone, cortisol and calcitriol (vitamin D).
🌀 Used in the production of bile acids, without which we couldn’t digest or absorbs fats and would slowly starve.

Cholesterol is essential for brain and memory function. Without sufficient availability of cholesterol, memory must falter. Its inevitable! Remember how I said diseases like Alzheimer’s have been on the rise?

The full range of side effects from statins goes far beyond cognitive dysfunction to include behavioral and emotional disorders, chronic nerve and muscle damage and an ALS-like neuromuscular degenerative process.They speed up the natural process of mitochondrial mutations, depleting the body of CoQ10 (a powerful antioxident) and increasing mitochondrial DNA damage. The mitochondria are our energy – we need them healthy!

Canada and some other countries had specifically warned about this from the beginning and highly recommend supplementation with CoQ10 with any statin use. The US did not. The FDA has since added these warnings to their statin literature, which should be huge red flags to the aging population:

🌀 Rare reports of serious liver conditions with statin use. Notify your physician if you have: unusual fatigue or weakness; loss of appetite; upper belly pain; dark-colored urine; or yellowing of the skin or the whites of the eyes.

🌀 Cognitive side effects – memory loss, confusion, disorientation, increased forgetfulness, amnesia. Many cases are misdiagnosed as Alzheimer’s or dementia.They can appear in 1 day or after years, and generally resolve around 3 weeks after the statin has been stopped.

🌀 Increased blood sugars – which leads to increased insulin, inflammation, insulin resistance, diabetes and most of the modern diseases including Alzheimer’s and cancer. Since a menopausal woman is already dealing with insulin resistance from lowered estrogen, a statin just makes it all the worse.

You can certainly see why patients complain of rapidly aging once they are taking statin drugs!

If you have found this interesting and want to learn more, I highly recommend the book The Dark Side of Statins by Dr. Duane Graveline, who experienced first hand the damage that statins can do. His book is well researched and referenced. Take notes. You can then discuss with your physician about what’s best for your health and well-being. #ad

Remember that eating Meaty Low Carb, reducing stress with Lifestyle changes and simple movement Exercises have a powerful effect on inflammation, lowering blood sugars, reducing insulin resistance and providing the body with metabolic flexibility to use fat for fuel. That’s the proven recipe in my programs for improving health and wellness, no prescription required! Click the info buttons below to learn more.

Below is the first of 5 audio interviews with Dr. Duane Graveline – you can find the other 4 on YouTube.

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