Keeping Meaty Low Carb™ When Flying

I think that it is only since I reclaimed my life with Meaty Low Carb™ eating that I really started noticing that often we will eat whatever is put in front of us, without giving it any thought as to whether we should. Case in point: airline food.

It could very well be that we feel so gouged by our airfare that we must get our money’s worth and eat that “free” food. I know I felt gipped on my first inter-Europe flight on my favorite Irish airline, where even a glass of water or cup of tea cost you, particularly after my airfare nearly doubled after paying to bring a suitcase and reserving a seat with my travel mate. We feel entitled to all of the included stuff. We feel we deserve it.

Being gluten free, I have to special order my meal – usually with a separate phone call to customer service – and I often wonder why I even bother. Unless you’re flying Business or First Class (I did that once – it was awesome!), it’s not really worth it. The GF dinner in coach on international flights is often chicken breast w/veggies over rice, salad w/low fat (chemically laden) dressing, GF roll w/”heart healthy” margarine, applesauce (w/HFCS) or fruit or a GF cookie. My flights include breakfast before we land, in which they’ve either already forgotten I’m GF & give me the breakfast sandwich or I get a container of fruit. Not exactly Meaty Low Carb™.

So what’s the strategy? If you are already fat-adapted, this is a great time for intermittent fasting and many people say they have less jet lag and fatigue when they stick to water only when flying. We aren’t burning a lot of calories while strapped in our seats for 5-11 hours, so we can easily call on the reserves.

Or pack your own food – I put boiled eggs, Babybel cheese & pepperoni in my Contigo hot/cold travel mug or go “non-perishable” with something like GF Chedz and Duke’s smoked shorty sausages along with TJ’s or Mauna Loa’s Dry Roasted & Salted Macadamias. I’ve even packed a small container of ghee and a travel size Bulletproof Brain Octane Oil to make that GF meal palatable. (You could try asking for real butter – they have it in Business Class!)

Whichever route you go, start with a hearty meal before your flight. I like to stop at Beaches at PDX for an omelet breakfast sans toast & hashbrowns (with an Irish coffee) and in Dublin, the Chocolate Lounge for salmon and scrambled eggs. I add butter and sour cream to both. Before I left Spain recently, I ate cheese slices with butter and cream cheese to clean out the fridge and it held me until dinner that night. That blood sugar roller coaster is a thing of the past when ketones are your fuel!

Pro tip: When flying IN to the USA, don’t bring any meat with you, including packaged jerky or sausage sticks, even if you plan to eat it on the plane. It’s a no-no.

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