Habits and Resolutions

Welcome 2018! Whoop whoop!

Who thought up this notion of New Year’s resolutions and why are we obligated to come up with something? What is it about the New Year that brings out our desire to wipe our slates clean and start over – healthier, happier and more organized? Frankly, I’m always messing with my slate. Or a fresh piece of paper. I am hyper-aware of my habits – the ones I should break and ones that I feel I should start – though by the end of each day, I’ve realized I’ve done neither. Auto-pilot kicked in, which is how habits work. Read More

Keeping Meaty Low Carb™ When Flying

I think that it is only since I reclaimed my life with Meaty Low Carb™ eating that I really started noticing that often we will eat whatever is put in front of us, without giving it any thought as to whether we should. Case in point: airline food. Read More