Sleepy Cozy Den

Transform your bedroom into a cozy, dark den for optimal sleep.

In my free Best Sleep Guide (get your copy HERE), I talk about the importance of a good sleep environment and ways to achieve it. People don’t realize that a simple thing, like the light from a clock or even your Fitbit, can disrupt your sleep. Or that the room should be kept cool to stimulate melatonin, needed for healing and quality sleep.⁣

Keep your bedroom dedicated for sleeping and sex, and do TV watching, reading and work elsewhere in the house. Also, your bedroom should be clutter free so whenever you enter, you know it is a quiet, peaceful retreat and a signal to your brain that it is sleep-time.⁣

Go through your bedroom and look for these things:⁣

Light sources: ⁣

•  Cover led lights from the TV, chargers, clocks with black electrical tape⁣
•  Install blackout shades or curtains on the windows⁣
•  Put electronic devices on night mode and cover them while you sleep⁣
•  Use red bulb motion sensors if you need a night light in the bathroom⁣


•  If safe to do so, sleep with a window open or open it in the evening before bed⁣
•  Close the heat vents to keep the room cooler⁣
•  Use AC or fans⁣
•  Use a chill pad for the mattress or your pillow⁣, or a cooling blanket

There’s much more in the Best Sleep Guide, so do check it out! 

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