Meal Replacements

I understand the simplistic lure of a diet where the “food” is ready made and you follow a plan that tells you exactly when and what to eat for success. And they say the “food” is low carb, with complete proteins, natural and nutritious. Sounds great, right?⁣

Maybe there’s a reason the ingredients at this particular well known diet plan can’t be found on the shopping page and require a lengthy Google search to find them? Red flag right there. Yep, inflammatory seed oils, all types of sugars, sugar alcohols, preservatives and plant proteins, which are missing some essential amino acids, making them “incomplete.” Choosing plant protein over animal protein is like buying a used Yugo instead of a new Mercedes.⁣

While the products may be lower in carbs than the Standard American Diet, the frequent 2-3 hour feedings and sugars will fuel insulin resistance, sugar cravings and addiction, disrupt satiety signaling, and inhibit absorption of the nutrients they claim to offer. Expect some muscle wasting, too, as the body looks for what it needs from within. ⁣

Insulin resistance is the precursor to all things bad, like diabetes, Alzheimer’s, stroke, heart disease and cancer.⁣ Your risk is already increased, thanks to menopause, that’s why it is important not to fuel that risk with your food, or in this case “food substances.”

Sure, you can lose weight by lowering carbs, eating highly processed foods and slashing calories (aka starvation) but at what price? Why not eat nutritionally dense Meaty Low Carb foods, those our bodies were designed to thrive on, and feel full and satisfied? That’s food that helps you lose weight while setting you up for great health.⁣

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