Time Management Strategies for Weight Loss & Beyond

I had a rude awakening.

I work from home running multiple businesses, and it was decided that we would branch further out by opening an online shop where we would sell exclusively designed Irish gifts to complement our Irish tour business. Completely new to my wheelhouse, I jumped in with both feet, took a step-by-step set up course, designed my Shopify page to be aesthetically pleasing and thoughtful, connected with printing sources and all the other technical integration required for a working website.

Then I needed to design some products and I wanted a variety of offerings. I love being creative, so this was an exciting and challenging rabbit hole to crawl down. Each item had to be set up with details like descriptions, images, pricing and get organized in collections. I was deeply in a state of creative flow and had everything else in the world tuned out.

Saturday evening I noticed the smell. Jaysus, was that me? When was the last time I had showered?

Saturday evening I noticed the smell. Jaysus, was that me? When was the last time I had showered? It had been days. My Fitbit tells me that over those four days of intense website set up, I had averaged 1203 steps per DAY. One day I had only taken 420 steps! A drop in the bucket since my daily goal is 12,000.

It’s no wonder I was feeling like crap! On my laptop at 6:30 in the morning and not shutting down until 11:00 at night. I wore my blue-blockers, but still WAY too much screentime before bedtime. Especially for me. No exercise. No time spent outside. No switching up my positions. All of that adds to your stress levels! And what do I always warn about?

Stress + Menopause = Belly Fat (How stressed are YOU? Take my free Stress Assessment and find out!)

I was letting my work take over my life, which is exactly what I help my clients get AWAY from. I was neglecting my own self-care by prioritizing my project over myself. I was actually stifling my creativity being laser-focused on my task, since coming up for air by taking breaks and moving offers fantastic energy and creative boosts throughout the day.


I was also not giving full attention to when I was eating. Oh sure, I always keep it Meaty Low Carb™, but I typically “close down the kitchen” at 4 pm. By still eating later and later in to the evening, I didn’t get a proper break before bedtime nor did I give my body the time it needs to heal while I sleep. (You can learn more about that in my free Just.One.Thing. lesson HERE).

I had a heart-to-heart with myself and made a sacred vow – I will not leave my self-care on the back burner ever again. As I have written about many times before, we are super-women, but we need healthy, strong bodies to keep that S on our chests.

Here are 5 ways to manage time without neglecting YOU:

1.Faithfully Use a Timer – Set a kitchen timer or the alarm on you phone or watch for 25 minutes. This is your work period, like in the Pomodoro Technique, and you’ve got to finish your task during that time. When the timer goes off, take a break – 3 to 5 minutes – then after every 4th cycle, take a longer break.

2.Implement Siesta Time – In the afternoon, take an hour (or longer) siesta, which is basically personal time. I use this time for my daily workout, sit out in the sunshine, handle personal matters, do meditation, etc. Block this time on your calendar and set everything to “busy.”

3.Get Outside – Take your mini-breaks outside for some fresh air and sunshine. I have a small balcony that I can lap in 20 steps, so I often take my walks out there. I can see what the neighborhood is up to, take in lots of cleansing breaths, recite some affirmations or brainstorm what I’m going to do next.

4.Honor Your Working Hours – Set your start and finish hours and don’t continue beyond them. After the sun goes down especially, you don’t want to be on your electronic devices. Use this time before bed to get your house and self in order, and spend time enjoying the company of the ones you love.

5.Designate Weekends – Block time out for self-care on the weekends. Tend to your nails and those annoying hairs growing all over during this time, and if anything else needs attention, mentally schedule it for then. You can also schedule a house-cleaning block, so when you notice dirty windows, you know that Saturday (or your designated day) you can tackle them.

Things come up, like the big project I encountered, but staying true to your needs during these mostly stressful events will help you stay focused and more productive. Keep to your schedule of eating, moving and sleeping as best you can, and you’ll find that you’re getting more quality work done in your work blocks as well as keeping your body healthy, strong and free of excess stress.

Do you need help getting back to losing weight after menopause? There are many reasons you might be stuck, and some are quite surprising! You can learn some more using the links below or reach out to me to apply for a free 30 minute consultation. Don’t waste anymore time struggling alone when we could be figuring it out together. 🧡

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I’m Coach Cherie Ó and I work with women over 50, using quick and simple eating, movement and lifestyle changes, designed with menopause in mind, to lose weight and bring out that super-woman inside. You may not be able to leap tall buildings, but you will feel body confident in your super, sexy bad-ass self to take on whatever comes your way, even if its just enjoying life to the fullest in your Second Half. 🧡

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