Thank you!

Thank you for purchasing my program!

I am busily getting this new program set up and running, but it is a different system than my 90 Day Results Program. I am trying to get everything aligned for a seamless transition, but for now, I need you to bear with me and sit tight. 🧡

I will be sending out the program details PRIOR to us going live on July 6th 2020 because there are lots of things to read and I want you to be all prepared when we get started.

If for some reason you haven’t received yours before JULY 1st, email me at

I’m so excited to be working with you and I truly appreciate you taking a chance with this. I’m looking forward to your feedback so I can make this program simple, user friendly and impactful.

Stay positive and push through if things get tough. Feel free to always reach out to me if you need some extra support.

I think I am even more excited for the changes YOU will be experiencing! When it all comes together, you will just feel amazing!

You’ll be hearing from me again soon! 🧡🥩💪🏼

🌀 If your local store doesn’t sell Primal Kitchen products, you can order them using the link below. The mayo is great to have on hand for the whole family. If you order sauces or dressings, choose varieties that are marked “Keto”, as they will have less sweeteners in them. 🌀

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