Instant Pot Pulled Pork (BONUS: Sandwich Wrap)

3-4 pounds pork butt or pork shoulder (Note 1)
1 cup water

Dry Seasonings:

2 tbsp smoked paprika

2 tsp table salt

1 tsp ground black pepper

1/2 tsp garlic powder

1/2 tsp ground cumin

For Serving:

1 cup Primal Kitchen BBQ Sauce


1️⃣  Prepare Pork: Stir all dry seasonings with spoon until well-mixed; set aside. Pat pork dry with paper towels, trim off excess fat, remove bone if present, and cut meat into roughly 8 even pieces. Toss pork pieces and seasonings in gallon-size resealable bag until well-coated.
2️⃣  Pressure Cook: Add water to pressure cooker pot (Note 2), then distribute pork pieces over the water. No trivet or rack needed. Secure and seal lid (Note 3). Cook at high pressure for 60 minutes (Note 4), followed by 10 minutes of natural release. Manually release remaining pressure by turning knob to venting position.
3️⃣  Shred & Serve: Uncover and transfer only pork to large bowl, leaving liquid in pot (Note 5). Use 2 forks to shred pork, then toss with your favorite BBQ sauce and serve (Note 6) or save for later (Note 7).

(1) Pork. In the U.S., “pork shoulder” usually refers to the pig’s lower shoulder, and “pork butt” (also called “boston butt”) refers to the pig’s upper shoulder. Either cut is fine for this recipe. If yours contains bone, select pork that’s at least 4 pounds so that you have enough meat to work with, and ask the butcher to remove the bone for convenience (or remove it yourself at home). If your pork is significantly smaller or larger than specified in this recipe, check your pressure cooker’s max capacity (Note 2) and scale ingredients appropriately (Note 4). I haven’t tested this recipe with pork loin or tenderloin, but they should also work well.

(2) Pressure Cooker Equipment. I use a 6-quart Instant Pot. Other sizes of electric pressure cookers should also work as long as all ingredients fit within the maximum capacity. #ad

(3) Sealing Pressure Cooker. Before cooking, remember to seal the pressure cooker by turning the pressure knob from “venting” to “sealing,” otherwise the pot will not pressurize.

(4) Pressure Cooking Time. If you scale the ingredients up or down to accommodate a different number of servings, the pressure cooking time remains the same as long as the pork pieces are roughly 2 inches each.

(5) Cooking Liquid. This excess liquid will not be used for this recipe. If desired, freeze the liquid in a container to save for later. Use it in place of broth in highly-seasoned chowders or soups, like Instant Pot split pea soup.

(6) Serving. I recommend serving with your favorite Primal Kitchen BBQ Sauce.

(7) Leftovers. Pulled pork leftovers keep well, and taste even better the next day. Cover and store leftovers in the refrigerator, and reheat using the microwave with a cover so that the meat remains moist and doesn’t dry out.

📸  credit & recipe:

Mmm, pulled pork is absolutely delicious on it’s own but even better with a Primal Kitchen BBQ Sauces. I also like to mix in some cream cheese and eat it straight, stuff it in a pepper or wrap it up in lettuce!

Lettuce wraps are handy for packing in your lunch, and you can make them full carnivore by using thin meat slices instead of the lettuce leaves!

Here’s an old Instagram post I made (just click the image) and a video to see how it’s done!

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