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There are so many books on health and wellness out there. I have read MANY of them. There are diet books galore, claiming that if you follow them, you’ll lose 20 pounds in 20 days, or whatever. Most diets work because you remove the sugar and processed crap (which is the bane of our existence), but that doesn’t make them all healthy long term.

I encourage MEAT based eating, because hey, that’s what we are designed to thrive on. The books here delve in to our human history, how we evolved and how we ended up in the sick and obese state that we are in now. Some of the books encourage fruits and veggies, because of the nutrition and antioxidants they provide; while others will point out that we are not benefitting from said things, and we are healthier when we avoid them. I find it interesting that in our ancestral history, plants were often only eaten when meat wasn’t available, out of desperation – so why are they now being pushed as the foundation of our eating? There is no evidence that plant foods are essential to our health, and in fact, they wreak havoc in our bodies, decreasing our health.

If you love your vegetables, nuts and seeds and are NOT suffering from digestion issues, inflammation, diabetes, an auto-immune disease, or allergies, please feel free to eat them. However, I would suggest one good meal a day without them so you can absorb some nutrients.

If you have been forcing yourself to eat them up until now, you are officially off the hook!

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For Keto/Low Carb Lifestyle:

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