5 Simple Ways to Get Your Body Moving⁣

I hear it all the time, “Oh, my belly is getting so big. I probably need to start exercising to work it off.”⁣

They are imagining that they will need to sign up for a spin class or Zumba, join Cross-Fit, break out the old workout videos of Tae-bo, Jillian Michaels or Sweating to the Oldies.⁣

They will also need new Nikes, a sports bra, spandex, a gym membership, maybe a trainer, a workout partner and a 4:30 am wake-up call. ⁣

Does the thought of all that overwhelm you?🤯 ⁣

You don’t need all that exercise. But you should move often. Eating Meaty Low Carb will take care of your belly (read the Smoother Health 101 to learn why).⁣

Here’s how you do it…

One —  Start by getting up from the couch or your office chair and moving for 5 minutes every hour. Hit the bathroom, refill your water bottle, take the scenic route or the stairs. It will refresh your eyes, your mind and you will feel more focused when you go back to what you were doing.⁣

Two —  Grab your furry best friend and go for a stroll first thing in the morning and enjoy the peace and quiet, along with the fresh air, as you watch the sun come up.⁣

Three — Take a walk on your lunch break and explore your surroundings – you might find a new shop, or café, maybe a hidden little park. Have a friend or co-worker join you and have some human social interaction as well.

Four — Have your spouse, partner, kids or neighbor join you for an evening after dinner walk with the dog. Let your dinner settle, the fresh air and the sunset will signal that bedtime is approaching, and you will be refreshed and relaxed when you arrive back home.⁣

Five — Look for opportunities to move: take the stairs, park a little further away, walk every aisle of the store, hand deliver that message, do pushups on the kitchen counter, chase the dog or a small child, ride bikes with the kids, play a game in the backyard.⁣

Move at a comfortable pace, in whatever you happen to be wearing. That’s doable!⁣

🌀 🧡 🌀 🧡 🌀

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