I Love These Lights!

Since I am all about relaxing, dim lit evenings to ease me into a better night’s sleep, I was delighted to discover these solar powered torch lights. Several of my neighbors have them mounted along their railings and from a distance, they look quite real.⁣
Until I noticed that they were burning all night and magically went off at sunrise. πŸ€”β£
Anyhoo, you can find all sorts of them on Amazon and mine have USB chargers, 3 different settings, mount bases, stakes and pole extensions. You can manually turn them on and off, or just leave them to it with their sun sensors.⁣ But most importantly for indoor use, they have charging capability with USB. Here is a similar product on Amazon. #ad
I’m going to mount mine, but while I was waiting for a drill I decided to try them out and stuck one where my candle usually goes on the patio. I love it! Just right outside my window I have the light and flicker of a fire, completely energy self-sufficient and without the fire hazard.⁣
You can bring it inside as well when you need some additional lighting for game night, getting ready for bed, or just doing things around the house without turning bright melatonin zapping lights on. It’s like the days before electricity wandering around with a lit candle – but much safer.⁣

Flickering Tiki Light in Spain

πŸŒ€ 🧑 πŸŒ€ 🧑 πŸŒ€

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