Reconnect with Mother Earth

It is believed that with the advent of shoes, houses, flooring and elevated beds that we have lost our direct bodily connection with the earth’s electrical field. Free electrons can be absorbed by the body and act like antioxidants once inside, providing many health benefits. Without that connection over days, months, years and decades, our bodies have become depleted.

Many who have tried earthing or grounding have reported a reduction in chronic pain and inflammation, better sleep, improved circulation and mood, and faster recovery times from injuries or illness. Connecting to mother earth helps us top up on energy and rebalance our body’s system.

How do you do it?

Outside is easy: allow the bottoms of your feet, palm of your hands or you whole body to touch the earth, by walking in the sand, laying on the grass or swimming in the sea.

Inside is a bit trickier, but there are grounding mats out there (an example here on Amazon) that you can use while sitting, standing or best, while you sleep, since that is when our body does it’s best healing. #ad

Try the free version – barefoot on the nearest lawn for 30 minutes and see how you feel. In just a few days people have noticed a marked improvement, so why not give it a try?

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