Your Brain Needs Exercise, Too

When I went “over the hill” back at 50, it wasn’t necessarily aging that frightened me the most as I looked ahead to the Second Half of life.⁣

It was the thought of declining, cognitively and physically, to a state of sickness and helplessness.⁣

We’ve all got to go sometime, but I want to “live long and drop dead” if I can help it.⁣

One of the things my grandma, MeeMee (who died at 104.5 years old) did faithfully every morning, was the daily word jumbles in the local paper. If she got stumped, she would ask for help from her many visitors or even complete strangers she encountered, until it was solved.⁣

Some of her longevity secrets and MeeMee Wisdom are right there in that paragraph:⁣

👵🏻  Challenge your mind ⁣
👵🏼  Ask for help ⁣
👵🏽  Don’t be shy ⁣
👵🏻  Speak to strangers ⁣
👵🏿  Don’t give up ⁣

There are a bajillion different puzzle apps and books out there, and even cracking open a real jigsaw puzzle works your mind. Legos are fun, too! If you feel you need productivity: build something, refurbish, landscape, organize the workbench or garage – these all require problem solving skills.⁣

Puzzles can help you in these 7 ways:⁣

🧩  They lower stress levels⁣
🧩  They improve visual and spatial reasoning⁣
🧩  They improve your memory⁣
🧩  They exercise both sides of your brain⁣
🧩  They can improve your IQ score⁣
🧩  They enhance your mood⁣
🧩  They improve your problem solving skills⁣

What language did you learn in high school? Why not use the free Duolingo app and brush up on that language. You will be surprised at how quickly it comes back and it’s a terrific way to exercise the old noggin.⁣

🌀 🧡 🌀 🧡 🌀

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