Attitude for Aging

Believe you can become the woman you want to be, not the old woman you fear.

In a survey of older adults, they were asked to write down their thoughts of what they β€œhoped for” for their future selves as they aged, like being healthy and active, or having a strong social circle.

They also gave thoughts on what they β€œfeared” for themselves, such as becoming chronically ill, depending on others for daily living, or becoming a cranky, old woman.

They were then asked to rank how capable they felt about their abilities to become what they hoped or avoid what they feared. We call this self-efficacy – your confidence in your ability to reach a future outcome or goal.

Those who felt more capable, with high self-efficacy, had a better perspective on aging. We know that the mind and body are interwoven and our thoughts manifest in our actions, holding us back or spurring us on.

Set yourself up for high self-efficacy with positive affirmations, such as:

  • I can always learn new things.
  • I grow, evolve, and get better every year of my life.
  • I expect to feel good physically and stay independent.
  • I am strong and capable, and I will be strong and capable in the future, too.
  • I always deserve respect.
  • I’m a social person with a strong network of friends.

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