Metabolic Kickstart 21•Day Challenge

Yes, you CAN lose weight after menopause! My Metabolic Kickstart 21•Day Challenge will teach you how to EAT heartily, LOSE weight effortlessly, REGAIN health and FEEL great again!

Can you picture yourself:

✅ Getting rid of that belly fat that has been creeping in since your hormones started to change?
✅ Functioning without rollercoaster blood sugars and those awful afternoon crashes?
✅ Eating when you are actually hungry not just because you’re emotional or bored?
✅ Preparing food without measuring, documenting or calculating points or calories?
✅ Being free of sugary food cravings and obsessive food thoughts?
✅ Getting in to that favorite dress or pair of skinny jeans that you had moved to the “maybe someday” pile in your closet?
✅ Eating less often while still feeling full and satisfied?
✅ Knowing just what to order at your favorite restaurant or take away?
Feeling energetic enough to enjoy the outdoors, your favorite hobbies or the company of others?
✅ Bringing blood sugars and blood pressure under control so you can reduce or eliminate your medications?
Feeling physically fit to get down and play with your kids, grandchildren or family pet?
✅ Food shopping and cooking with confidence that you and your family are eating right to improve health?

And wouldn’t it be great if:

✅ This became your natural, go-to, simple, everyday way of life?
✅ You never had to worry about “falling off the wagon” and spiraling out of control again?
✅ You could eat in a way that even your family would enjoy, with access to limitless recipes?
✅ You had lifetime support in a community of like-minded people?
✅ This small financial investment could be the foundation to achieve the body and health you’ve always desired?

🌀 🧡 🌀 🧡 🌀

Meaty Low Carb™ Clients are saying…

What can you expect with this 21•Day Challenge?

The goal of my Metabolic Kickstart is to get your body back to what I call it’s “factory preset condition” so that it can function properly as it was designed to do.

That’s when you can sleep good, your immune system is strong, the digestive process works, ailments heal themselves and weight loss resumes.

In just 21 days, by unlearning and then relearning health concepts in regards to food, movement, circadian rhythm and lifestyle, you can begin to see improvements and changes. Some faster than others.

It took quite a long time to gain weight and lose health, so this weight loss/health gain journey will take some time, too. These first 21 days are crucial, as you convert from a “sugar burner” back to a “fat burner.” Your body should catch on quickly but it doesn’t always go smoothly.

That’s why support and access to answers is so important. I’ve got you covered. 👍🏼

Your metabolism determines how much fat you have on your body, how readily that fat can be accessed and burned, and also directly impacts how much energy you have. It influences how your body feels, and how you feel in your body.

The terms “fast” and “slow” metabolism seemed to make sense to us and we all jumped on board with it. But it isn’t about speed, its about efficiency. Do you want to spend all day throwing paper and twigs on to your inner fire, or a big ol’ log that will keep those embers red hot and burning? 🔥

This Metabolic Kickstart 21•Day Challenge operates as a course online or in my coaching app (Android and iOS), with content delivered to you daily, including education material, recipes, and daily challenges. Some are bigger, like when we purge your kitchen and others are small, like sitting out in the sunshine.

The challenges build on each other and give you an opportunity to experience what this lifestyle is all about. Don’t panic if you miss some, though to maximize S◆U◆CC◆E◆SS, give them all a try.

We are going to cover: 🌀 what to eat and what to avoid 🌀 creating a foolproof meal strategy 🌀 how to tell if its working and ways to self adjust 🌀 the importance of sunshine 🌀 reducing stress 🌀 practicing self care 🌀 effective movement 🌀 strengthening muscles 🌀 improving sleep 🌀 using your circadian rhythm as a super power 🌀 keeping your mind & body young and active 🌀 using meditation & positive affirmations for a happy life 🌀 shopping and dining out strategies 🌀 and more!

My program comes with an Easy Meal Template, that you can use to create literally thousands of meal combinations. Most of my clients find that they favor just 3 or 4 different meals, and opt to use them over and over again. That is no problemo. I have just a couple myself that I thoroughly enjoy and look forward to, which makes grocery shopping a breeze.

For those who love recipes, you’ll be getting a new one each day (sometimes more!) that you’ll be able to reference back to long after the program ends.

We also will be meeting up in our NEW private Facebook™ group! This is where you can post questions, share photos of your meals, express struggles, favorite helpful tips and support others on the same journey. I will be there, too – I’m not going to leave you hanging!

You will have lifetime access to our Facebook™ Community and I hope you will continue to share your journey and be an inspiration to others.

I value your feedback because not only do I want you to be well adapted and completely confident to leave the nest at the end the program, I also want to make it the easiest and most effective for those that follow.

You’ll Get These Bonus Items, Too!

🌀Downloadable Program Guide – yours to keep!
🌀Direct messaging with Coach Cherie Ó throughout the program
🌀10% off all private future coaching sessions
🌀Lifetime access to the Bonus Fitness Hub for handy video workouts

3 weeks of targeted, intense training, a $225 value, yours for just $129 $99* USD. Wow!

*Save $30 until the end of 2022 (Dec. 31st)

“Growth is painful. Change is painful. But nothing is as painful as staying stuck somewhere you don’t belong.” ♥️

Are YOU the right fit for this program?

❓Are you willing to ditch conventional “wisdom” and try something new? YES!
❓Are you open to learning, change, commitment, accountability? YES!
❓Are you committed to doing the work required to make lasting change? YES!
❓Do you accept that results only happen when YOU make the effort? YES!
❓Do you want to feel great again, with abundant energy and improved health? YES!
❓Are you willing to invest in yourself to improve your chances of a long, healthy and active life? YES!
❓Are you a meat eater or willing to become one? YES!

🌀 🧡 🌀 🧡 🌀

I’m Coach Cherie Ó and I work with women just like you, using eating, movement and lifestyle changes to bring out that super-woman inside. You may not be able to leap tall buildings, but you will feel body confident in your super, sexy bad-ass self to take on whatever comes your way, even if its just enjoying life to the fullest in your Second Half. 🧡

Why would YOU want to work with ME?

When I first found Primal Health over a decade ago, it dramatically changed my life. I lost 20 pounds, my pains vanished, my energy was back and my chronic allergies had calmed waaaay down. It was like a do-over. As I approached menopause however, the weight started creeping back, fueled by a lot of different things in my life at the time. 

So what did I do? I focused on what my hormonally changing body needed under these new circumstances. I went right to the root of the problem, addressed the key things that affect women MORE in the Second Half, and the weight started dropping off – like I had finally hit the release valve.

The cravings are gone. My mind is calm. My energy is fantastic. I no longer obsess about food. I eat once or twice a day. Sleep solid every night. I’m not hungry and I don’t feel deprived. It’s so simple and easy. Foods no longer have power over me. I have the power.

I was able to lose 30 pounds EFFORTLESSLY this way and I feel AMAZING! I am back to the real size of me, where I am comfortable, confident, happy and I feel YOUNG, like I’m in my 30s again.

One of the reasons that I became a Health Coach is that with the knowledge and experience I’ve gained, I can help people get from A to Z far more quickly, without them having to retrace all of my steps. I would have loved to have someone put the pieces together for me and guide me towards my goals, rather than spinning in circles or wandering off on detours like I did. For me it’s like paying it forward and fulfilling my need to shout it from the rooftops – which you are dying to do when you finally have your answers and you feel great again. It’s exciting, mind-blowing, liberating and such a huge relief!

I know how it is when you are trying to lose weight, starting a new diet or exercise plan. You don’t really want to tell anyone in case you fail again this time. A lot of diets set you up for failure – low calorie, over-exercising, low-fat, frequent eating – it’s not sustainable! And it’s not how our bodies were designed to function. We can learn a ton from our primal ancestors and their diet and lifestyle routines that they derived from nature. Even in our modern world we can mimic it and our bodies will happily and thankfully respond by shedding pounds and restoring our health. It’s quite simple, and that’s what I teach.

Do something amazing for yourself and click the button below to sign up for this now. I believe the Universe guides us to the right place and the right time, and here you are today! This may be the exact program you have been waiting for.

Your BEST Second Half starts now! 🧡🥩💪🏼

🌀 🧡 🌀 🧡 🌀


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