I’ve Found Freshii!

Okay, for those of you already familiar with this healthy “fast food” franchise, you might be thinking that I’m a bit slow on the uptake. How could I have NOT heard of this fast spreading yummy place called Freshii by now? They’re showing up everywhere! You do, of course, understand my excitement, especially knowing that I’m a gluten-free, keto kind of gal!

We stumbled into one along the Grand Canal on Mespil Road in Dublin. I ordered their Cobb salad with chicken, gluten-free all the time, that comes tossed in a delicious honey dijon dressing with a bite (horseradish I’m guessing).  It’s a good-sized bowl filled with field greens, romaine, tomatoes, corn, bacon, blue cheese, avocado and boiled egg.  I get mine without the corn and tomatoes. My man had the Tex Mex burrito, which he really enjoyed.

Freshii wants us to Eat and Energize, and they offer a full menu including breakfast, soups, burritos, bowls, salads and wraps that you can add proteins to such as beef, chicken, falafel or tofu (no for me on the last two). You can also add a base of kale or quinoa (while “gluten free” I still avoid this).  They have juices, coffee/tea, non-fat froyo & smoothies, as well as a kids menu with a couple gluten free options.

Freshii is an eco-friendly business with their #missiongreen agenda – using biodegradable or easily recyclable packaging, as well as a commitment to reducing waste, energy and their carbon footprint. That’s something we can all get behind!

My real thrill came when I found that there was a Freshii at the CHQ, which is a place I L-O-V-E. Home to EPIC the Irish Immigration Museum and right on the River Liffey, there are a number of shops with delicious food, including Toss’d Noodles & Salads, Seven Wonders, J2 Sushi & Tea, Ely Bar & Grill and Urban Brewing. They have a HUGE seating area (you can even bring your own sack lunch) and there’s WiFi, events and exhibits. Just a few blocks from Dublin Connolly train station and right on the LUAS Red Line, the CHQ is an easy place to get to with a variety of options for lunch.

Freshii has also been added to some of the “services” in Ireland (like a rest stop/truck stop for you folks at home) and I hope to see them at more, offering healthy options for everyone.

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