What Would Your Life Be Like Without Your Health?⁣


πŸŒ€  Your mobility impaired – needing to use a cane, walker or wheelchair
πŸŒ€  Losing strength from muscle wasting and brittle bones.
πŸŒ€  Diminished physical conditioning and endurance, so you tire out easy⁣
πŸŒ€  Stiff, inflamed and painful joints⁣
πŸŒ€  Water retention and swelling
πŸŒ€  Losing your memories, getting foggy in the head, forgetting things
How would that effect your daily routine? Doing your job? Taking care of your family? Taking care of yourself?⁣
How would that effect your future plans? Your retirement dreams? Activities with your grandkids?⁣
Watching my pharmacy customers go in and out of hospitals, through different levels of nursing home care, and eventually on to hospice, was one of the main driving forces for me to regain my own health. If there was a possibility of PREVENTING such health problems, I was going to do it.⁣
We joke as we age that we are starting to β€œfall apart,” but I am surprised at how many people just resign themselves, that this is just how it is and there’s nothing else they can do about it. πŸ€·πŸ»β€β™€οΈβ£
With simple eating and lifestyles changes, you can make a HUGE impact on your health. Clients have had symptoms fade and vanish, their energy restored, sleep and memory improved, cravings disappear, mobility increased and more. A healthier, fitter body can carry you well in to old age, active and vibrant along the way!⁣

That is how we #AgeAwesomely.
We have a tendency to put off things that may prevent a health problem β€œlater”. What if the later problem could have been avoided, but now can’t be fixed? As we move closer to retirement, wouldn’t you like to have a healthy, strong body that will be able to enjoy your best life possible?

Then the time is NOW to get started and I am here to help.⁣

Learn more about Meaty Low Carb living and how it aligns with our original human design so we THRIVE.

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