How Many Carbs Should I Eat?⁣

The fewer the carbohydrates you eat, the more of an effect it will have on your weight, blood sugar, and inflammation.⁣
The recommended number of carbs varies widely from person to person, considering age, weight and fitness activity. ⁣
Sugar, grains and other starches, along with vegetable and seed oils should not be consumed at all. When I am talking about carbs, these are the foods eaten in addition to meat, fish, eggs, fowl and healthy fats.⁣
Young, healthy, thin people who exercise regularly will be fine with moderate amounts of carbs in their diet. Some may feel better though when they eat fewer. For example, they may get relief from digestive or skin issues when they eat less.⁣

Remember, not everyone NEEDS a low carb diet, but everyone will BENEFIT from one.⁣

Coach Cherie Γ“

Some tend to feel the best (become healthier and thinner) from an extremely low amount of carbs, or almost none at all. That is mostly true for middle-aged or older people who may already be overweight or who suffer from one of the β€œmodern” diseases like type 2 diabetes, hypertension, or fatty liver. ⁣
Anyone who has a difficult time losing weight, has intense cravings or suffers from a modern disease, will find greater success if they eat as few carbs as they possibly can.⁣
If you stick to under 20 grams of carbs a day, you can eat unlimited amounts of meat, fish, eggs and fowl cooked with butter. You can also add in (if tolerated) some small amounts of above-ground vegetables, avocados, olives, cream and cheese. Many choose to just eat more meat.⁣
If you go upwards to 50 grams per day, there is also room for (if tolerated) lots of vegetables, plus nuts, and perhaps berries on occasion. ⁣
Some people are able to consume 50-100 grams of carbs per day and still lose weight if they are healthy, active and not suffering from metabolic issues. ⁣
It’s important to experiment and see what works best for YOU, as each of us is quite different.⁣

What I love especially about the Menopausal Health Reset, is the freedom from tracking macronutrients, weighing food and endlessly calculating inside a food app. Stick to your Meaty Low Carb approved foods, prioritizing proteins with quality fats and you really can’t go wrong.

Meaty Low Carb foods, along with good lifestyle habits are the best defense against insulin resistance and the key to aging awesomely!

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