An Easy Tip to Avoid Holiday Weight Gain This Year

Many women avoid any weight loss efforts during the holidays so they can party-hearty and not miss out on all the treats. Maybe that’s why it’s not unheard of to gain 15 pounds between Halloween and New Year’s. Yikes!⁣

New Year’s has become the official starting point for everyone’s diet. Wouldn’t it be nice to not have to worry about that at all in 2023?⁣

Why not make an effort to alter your holiday menus to make them low carb (if not Meaty Low Carb*) so you can enjoy eating without all the guilt? If you Google “keto” or “low carb” plus the name of a recipe, you will find an abundance of alternatives. If it is a beloved food, somebody out there has given it a low carb hack, believe me!⁣

I’ve added a recipe I found for Low Carb Pumpkin Pie on my Recipes page, that is easy to make, low carb and guilt free. It is just one of many, many options to choose from.⁣ (Simply register to access all of the Member content)

Take 10 minutes and Google to see what you can find. At our house, we like to do up air fried chicken wings, smoked sausages, spicy meatballs, cheese & salami slices, bacon wrapped shrimp, marinated olives and baked cheese “crackers” with salmon paté for our Christmas Eve celebration. And a special low carb cheesecake for dessert. Doesn’t that sound tasty?⁣

You don’t need to confine yourself to the veggie platter to be “healthy” so enjoy some Meaty Low Carb fare instead. You’ll feel full and satisfied, and still looking awesome on the outside. 👍🏼⁣

*What’s Meaty Low Carb? Check out the FAQ page or better yet, start my Menopausal Health Reset and experience it for yourself! Then your New Year’s Resolution will simply be to continue looking fabulous!⁣

🌀  🧡  🌀  🧡  🌀

This Christmas, instead of whispers of “Ooh, what happened to HER?” have them saying, “Wow, she looks amazing!” 🤩


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