Fat Burning Switch

Did you know that we have a fat-burning switch?

Sometimes we flip it on and sometimes we flip it off.

Think about it: the power to start burning fat or storing fat is within our control.

Have you ever rationalized before eating a donut that you would make up for it when you went to the gym after work?

That’s a calories in, calories out mentality.

Sure, there’s some truth in it, but more important is what those calories trigger inside us.

🍩  Sugar, in all its glucose & fructose forms and 🍟  starchy foods raise our blood sugar, triggering an insulin response. 

When insulin is present fat burning stops and fat storing starts.

Coach Cherie Γ“

Read that again. 🀯

Everything you eat with it or after, goes into fat storage – until your blood sugar is back down to normal.

Insulin resistance (which increases after menopause) can drag that process out longer.

🍷  Alcohol will also flip the switch.

It’s toxic to the body, so it is all hands on deck until the liver can get it processed and out of there.

Meanwhile, fat burning stops and fat storage starts

🍩  Sugar. 🍷  Alcohol. 🍟  Starchy foods.

You knew they were trouble, but hopefully now you see how menacing they can be.

Don’t flip those switches anymore.

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