Keep Bacon and Eggs on Hand

If I had a nickel for every time bacon and eggs have saved the day, I would be one rich lady. โฃ

Whether I had forgotten to thaw out meat that morning, had a craving for something crunchy and salty, or if I just happened to be really hungry, having a stash of bacon and eggs pulled me through.โฃ

Particularly in the beginning of switching to Meaty Low Carb, when your body is adjusting and trying to get all of its signaling working properly again, its nice having something quick to fix when you need it.

This is advice I give all my clients on the Menopausal Health Reset program, and they tell me, too that it has saved their “bacon” more than once.

Before you start piling on the bacon at each and every meal, please note that not any bacon will do. Select nitrate and nitrite free brands (look to Whole Foods or Natural Grocers) and watch for added sugar. Nitrates are known to cause colon and breast cancer, so overlooking that point is non-negotiable! There are better quality meats – like beef, buffalo and lamb – so try to limit bacon to on occasion rather than daily.

Ideally the best egg is organic, free-range (or pastured), USDA A or AA, stamped with the Certified Humane or Animal Welfare Approved seal. I always laugh when their touted as “vegetarian fed” since chickens are omnivores, so hopefully they eat lots of their natural diet of worms and bugs when out to pasture.

Is there a restriction or limit on egg intake? Nope, work away. Eggs are the most perfect food – supplying all the nutrition you need. They are a great source of vitamin D and choline and your body benefits from every bite.

I suggest keeping hard boiled eggs in the fridge, especially in the beginning when snacking is still a thing. Eat it straight, use it as a topping, mix it with some Primal Kitchen Avocado Mayo, full-fat Greek yogurt or butter and take them with you when you travel.

Eggs are versatile so many different ways and I find them quite filling by scrambling 4 eggs in a bit of butter and adding sliced or shredded cheese on top. Happy tummy.

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