Affordable Meaty Low Carb

I’m going to assume by now that you know what Meaty Low Carb is.

If you DON’T know, I will give you a quick definition:

Meaty Low Carb is a term used here at Smoother Health Coaching for a meat-based way of eating (WOE) that falls along the spectrum of Zero Carb, Carnivore, Keto, Low Carb and Primal. It does not include sugar, grains, legumes or seed oils and it is ideal for combating insulin resistance, carb addiction and losing fat an any age, especially after menopause. So then, what do we eat? Get your free copy of the Meaty Low Carb Food Pyramid to find out.

FAQ, Coach Cherie Γ“

While it would be ideal to have all your meat grass-fed (like in Ireland ☘️ ) and fish wild caught and mercury free, sometimes we don’t have the money or the quality resources to get the very best.

Here are some tips to get the most quality food for your buck:

⁣1. Shop around for the best prices πŸ’° You might do better getting meat at one place, vegetables somewhere else, cooking oils at a third place, and so on. Costco has a LOT of Meaty Low Carb-friendly foods at great prices.⁣
2. Grow it yourself πŸ’° Plant your garden with herbs you like and above ground vegetables. Raise your own chickens if you have space!⁣
3. Just eat meat πŸ’° Keep it simple and nutritious and you’ll save big by not buying all the other stuff.⁣
4. Invest in a chest freezer πŸ’° This allows you to buy meat in bulk, which can be more cost-effective. Seek out local farmers raising animals in a sustainable manner and ask about buying a quarter, half, or whole animal. ⁣

5. Choose less expensive protein sources πŸ’° Eggs, chicken legs and thighs, and less premium cuts of beef (e.g., flank steak instead of ribeye) are highly nutritious and relatively cost-effective. Organ meats are another great low cost choice.⁣ Even the toughest cuts come out tender cooked in bone broth in an Instant Pot!
6. Buy frozen vegetables & berries πŸ’° Just as nutritious as fresh and you can thaw only the amount you need to reduce waste.⁣
7. Go easy on the keto snacks πŸ’° Nuts, nut butters, trail mix, jerky, keto bars and items of that sort might be Meaty Low Carb-friendly but are NOT required by any means. Go for the real stuff & feel more satisfied.⁣
Bottom Line: In terms of priorities, healthy fats, meat, eggs, fish and fowl are the best investments. Buy the highest quality that you can afford and don’t beat yourself up if that’s not the most organic, grass-fed, pasture-raised or whatever. You’ll still thrive. 🧑πŸ₯©πŸ’ͺ🏼⁣

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