HIIT – Sprint Workouts

Scale your effort to your experience with sprinting. If this is your first attempt, try a no- or low-impact exercise and make your hard efforts about 80 percent of maximum. If you have a decent level of comfort and experience, sprint at 90 percent of maximum effort. Be sure to warm up and cool down effectively, and keep the emphasis on quality instead of quantity.

What are some low impact sprint options?

Jumping Jacks – do as many jumping jacks in 10-15 second bursts as you can. Rest for twice as long as the active interval lasts. Don’t try to jump high. Jump quickly. Whip those arms. Slide those feet out.

Sprinting Uphill – Hill sprints are great for people whose knees hurt when they run normally or suffer hamstring pulls. Tread lightly, though.

Stationery Bike – pedal hard for 30 seconds, then rest for 4 minutes and repeat for 4 rounds.

Elliptical Machine – same as for bike.

Sit to Stand – you sit down on the ground with legs straight and torso upright. Now stand up as quick as you can, gathering your feet underneath (think squat position) you and standing. Return to the sitting position as quickly as you can. You’ll have to stabilize yourself, which makes it harder.

Kettlebell Swings – real simple solution. Just get a decently-weighted kettlebellβ€”32 pounds for women, 54 for men is a good starter weightβ€”and do sets of 20 swings on the minute, every minute, for 10 minutes. You’re done in 10 minutes. And you’ll be done, if you know what I mean. KB swings are usually good options for folks with knee issues, asβ€”done correctlyβ€”swings place little to no pressure on the knee (all the pressure goes on the hamstrings and glutes).

Jump Rope – speed then rest.

Bunny Hop – harder than you think! Hop until you can’t then rest and repeat.

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5 Low Impact High Intensity Moves for Menopause Fitness At Home

These moves are simple, no equipment required exercises that will still help you achieve breathlessness.

The high intensity interval training that you need for visceral belly fat loss doesn’t require exercise that’s hard on the joints.

Here are the moves:

1. Knee Repeater

2. Boxing – Jab Cross Knee 2x

3. Upper Cut

4. Front kick back kick (optional plyo)

5. Side-step 2x with Jab Jab Jab Cross

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Flipping 50’s 7-Minute Travel or Busy Day Workout

Fit that workout in with this super short, no-equipment, easy-on-knees exercise you can do anywhere.

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 When you don’t have an hour, don’t sweat, or do… you just need minutes to create some hormone balancing moves.

The key to menopause and exercise is finding the sweet spot between too little and too much exercise. You’re looking for the sweet spot where you can negate stress.

This quick set will boost energy, reduce cortisol, and you can do it once or repeat it.

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HIIT Intervals for the Morning After a Big Holiday Indulgence

Here’s a longer HIIT workout for you!

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Flipping 50’s 10-Minute Full Body Workout

Flipping 50’s 10-Minute Full Body Workout takes less than 10 minutes to effectively work your major muscle groups with three simple exercise. 

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