PEM – Primal Essential Movements

If the thought of doing these basic movements sends anxious memories of gym class to your brain or you think that there is no way you could ever do a push-up, have no fear!

Take a look at this 5 minute kitchen workout that literally everyone can do some form of, in a video demonstrated by another handsome man.

In these videos, Mark Sisson will take you through the exercises with helpful pointers and modifications for your fitness level. I don’t expect you to drop down and give me 20 – try starting on a wall or the kitchen counter. Work up to it. You are building your fitness level, so expect it to take some time.

Begin with an easy five-minute warmup of easy cardiovascular exercise, and then complete two sets of maximum repetitions (for YOU!) of pushups, squats, pull-ups (or tricep dips), and abdominal planks. 

If you are healing and you are not ready for this yet, do not worry. You can come back to it anytime. It won’t be long until you have the energy and desire to take on new challenges. This is your journey, no one else’s.

Whew, that was sure hard work showing you all of that! ๐Ÿคช

You can download the Primal Fitness Pyramid to look at later or just come back here and Mark will do them over and over for you.

You’re welcome ladies.

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The 5 Minute Kitchen Workout – A step by step guide

Dr. Chatterjee explains how to do and make modifications to his 5 minute kitchen workout. Once you’ve learned the different exercises, you can do them whenever and wherever.

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Strength Training Full Body Workout Fitness for Women Over 50

In this video Amy Van Liew of Be Healthy Enough gives you a full body routine to help build strong muscles, improve bone density and boost your metabolism. 

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15 Minute Full Body Workout for Women Over 50 – Strength & Balance!

Jessica Valant, physical therapist and Pilates teacher, takes you through this 15 minute full body workout for women over 50!

These exercises for women over 50 address important issues such as strength, osteoporosis prevention and balance.

This workout is effective, fun and safe for beginners to advanced movers! 

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Weight Training – Full Body Workout for Women over 50

This full body workout for women over 50 is easy on the body and helps to strengthen bones and muscles.

Weight training for women over 50 can help you build muscle, maintain bone density as you age, and even help you lose weight.

As women get older, estrogen levels decrease, which leads to a drop in bone density. This means older women start to become more at risk for bone fractures. Weight training for women over 50 can combat this effect while also preventing the loss of muscle as you age. The benefits of strength training for females are numerous, but many women overlook strength training. Strengthening bones and building muscle for women is important for your long term health.

We recommend full body weight lifting twice per week.

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