Moderate Duration Workouts

Determine “moderate duration” according to your typical workout routine—likely somewhere in the range of 20 to 60 minutes. Maintain a comfortable pace and keep your heart rate in the aerobic training zone, which can be easily calculated by using the formula 180 minus your age. This can be tracked by heart rate monitor, fitness tracker, or a few pulse checks during the session. 

You can do any kind of aerobic activity you want during this session, just make it something that you enjoy. You can walk, cycle, jog, dance, skip, elliptical, swim or whatever. Mind your heart rate though, it’s easier than you think to get it pumping past your target zone.

Indoor Walking Workout for Women Over 50

For moderate duration days, this is a great workout that can be done inside or out. Try it in bare feet on the grass in the backyard for some additional “earthing” or grounding benefits.

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25 Minute Low Impact POWER WALK Workout for Women over 50

“ALL levels | ALL standing, NO jumping, NO repeat, NO equipment | BURN 175 – 225 calories | MODERATE day demonstrated | INCLUDES warm up + cool down

Let’s go for a POWER WALK and enjoy a fantastic low impact cardio sweat! We’re having a super fun time while we walk and burn our way through a fast-paced, no repeat workout.

Onscreen, I’m demonstrating a MODERATE day, but you’re welcome to make this routine your own with whatever pace suits you best.” — Pahla B.

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START! Walking at Home American Heart Association 3 Mile Walk

“Walk at Home is the world’s leading fitness walking brand. Created by Leslie Sansone, Walk at Home has helped MILLIONS of people live active and healthy lives for over 30 years. Walk at Home is one of the top-selling fitness brands at mass retail, including Walmart, Target, and QVC.” (says Walk at Home)

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Susan Powter Lean Strong And Healthy

45 minute aerobics with Susan Powter from “Stop the Insanity!” I love her approach to fitness, with resistance and working within your fitness level by modifying the moves. Great advice!

But she got it wrong on the eating part of her program. Meaty Low Carb is a much superior approach for a Lean, Strong and Healthy body. 

The step bench is optional, it just makes it a little more challenging, as well as the hand weights.

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Susan Powter Move It & Lose It (Full Video)

Susan Powter’s: Move It & Lose It. See, I told you that I like her fitness approach! This video is a little shorter than the last, with 30 minutes of “cardio” and 5 minutes of strength training and abs, different for Monday through Friday.

The step bench is optional equipment and remember to keep your heart rate within your target area during the workout, and follow OUR schedule for working out, DON’T do this every day.

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Susan Powter’s Moving with Susan (1992)

This was Susan Powter’s first 35 minute aerobics workout with strength/weight training and meditation/visualization at the end. It’s very simple and very effective.

Again, the step bench and the hand weights are optional, and keep your heart rate in your target zone. It’s very easy to try the highest level approach, and you can probably do it, but our goal is to not over stress ourselves.

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