Increased Daily Movement

Implement at least two basic non-exercise movements each day – a morning walk with the dog, a stroll before arriving home, or an evening stroll with the family after dinner.

Throughout the day, don’t go longer than 30 minutes without taking a movement break of 2-5 minutes. If you endure a long commute, exit the expressway halfway through and romp around in a park or field for a few minutes. Even if you’re watching a good DVD, you can bust out some plank and squat sets.

A simple and useful reminder: set an alarm on your phone or Fitbit for 25 minutes when you sit down to work. When it goes off, get up, stretch and move, then sit back down in a new position or switch to standing, set the timer again and get back at it for 25 more minutes.

We know that our ancestors spent an average of several hours each day moving about at what today’s exercise physiologists might describe as a β€œlow level aerobic pace.” They hunted, gathered, foraged, wandered, scouted, migrated, climbed and crawled. This low level of activity prompted their genes to build a stronger capillary (blood vessel) network to fuel each muscle cell, to be able to store some excess food as fat, but also to be readily able to convert the stored fat back into energy. Of course, they did all this without the benefit of paved sidewalks or comfortable shoes. Because every footfall landed at a different angle, every muscle, tendon and ligament worked and became stronger together in balance. Note that they did NOT go out and β€œjog” at 80% of their MAX Heart Rate for long periods of time as Conventional Wisdom suggests today!

Today we do some form of low level aerobic activity 2-5 hours a week, whether it is walking, hiking, easy bike riding or swimming. Ideally, and when possible, find time to go barefoot or wear as little foot support as possible. Low-level activity is necessary (especially if you find yourself chained to a desk every day). The combined effect will be an increase in capillary perfusion, fat-burning and overall integration of muscle strength and flexibility.

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Quick Movement Break – Standing Stretches & Movements

Less than 3 minutes for some quick stretches, easy to incorporate throughout the day when you are getting up to move.

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Do Dance – Stretch Break

Employees at Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Minnesota understand the importance of taking healthful stretch breaks from time to time throughout the work day. Doing so increases employee health and increases productivity!

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DESK EXERCISE with Lorraine Bowen (at DivComs)

Lorraine Bowen’s DESK EXERCISE at the fabulous offices of Diversified Communications UK in Brighton! What a great bunch of people. The company organises events and certainly everyone seemed up for THIS event!

This Desk Exercise video is an edited version of the full Desk Exercise track. The full track can be found on Spotify, Amazon, Apple etc etc…where you’ll find the rolling shoulders, hips, waist, DISCO and random sections. It is 2.36 mins long so a great way for a short but great office workout! It was written in conjunction with an NHS Health advisor – so NHS approved!

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5-Minute Break – Office Yoga

Take a 5-minute break at your office desk to open up your body and mind. Our bodies get so stiff and tense sitting in a chair all day long. We’ll open the chest, back, shoulders, neck, hips and hamstrings, as well as create space in the mind.

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Relaxing Stretching Workout for Stiff Muscles & Stress Relief – Easy Stretches to Do at Work

This is a 6 minute stretching workout, again that can be done anywhere when you need a break from your desk.

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