Becoming a Primal Health Coach

I’m so excited that you are interested in becoming a Primal Health Coach! I truly enjoyed the entire process, which I was able to do at my own pace and around my own schedule. I gained everything I needed to start my own online health coaching business, yet many others have added on to the services they already offer in their existing practices. The applications are only limited by your imagination!

I’ve put together 2 links for you below:

The first is a FREE webclass with Mark Sisson and Christine Hassler, called Discover the 3 Step Process Top Health Coaches Are Using to Grow Successful Practices. Now, I’m sure you know who Mark is already, but Christine is so well known in the coaching community and has such great style – you’re going to enjoy the class! You will also get a FREE ebook with it called How to Earn a Lucrative Living From Home as a Health Coach – which, is exactly what we all want!

The second link is for a FREE downloadable guide called How to Become a Health Coach in 5 Easy Steps. This is a great guide that you can read in your own time and keep for future reference.

You are more than welcome to use BOTH links! Just click on the images below and you will be taken to the direct page in a new window. If you lose the link to this page, just DM me on Instagram™ @smootherhealth or email me at, and I will resend the information.

Because I want you to get off to a great start, feel free to use my promo code: 500TODAY to save $500 when you enroll!! 🎉 Write that down!!

Click the images below to connect with the FREE webclass sign up and the FREE downloadable How-To Guide! Good Luck!🧡🥩💪🏼

FREE webclass with Mark Sisson and Christine Hassler

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