1 Pledge – Welcome!

Thank you for signing up and welcome to the Take the 1 Pledge Challenge! An email with a link to your first calendar along with the password should be arriving shortly. (Check your junk folder if you don’t see it soon.)

Rather than focusing on goals with an end result, we are making a commitment to act like healthy women each and every day. Our ONE task, marked off the calendar with a big red “X” is evidence and proof positive that we are working towards our healthiest, awesome-ist selves.

Little confirmations like this compound. You’ll find yourself making decisions from a wellness perspective, and dare I say, looking for more ways to prove it to yourself that you are indeed, fit and fab.

So here’s what you need to do first:

1. Print your calendar. Post it in a prominent place – the fridge is always a great one. Save the downloaded PDF file to your computer or phone because THAT calendar has live links to references, articles and other downloads. This calendar is designed for women like us so if your husband or kids want to participate with you, just print them an extra copy.

2. Find a big red marker. Each day you complete your ONE task gets a big red “X” and your goal is not to break the chain. (Swap days with another if your schedule won’t allow a certain task) Be proud – snap photos of your progress and share it!

3. Join our private Facebook group. If you are NOT on FB, the daily posts will also be on my blog, but if you are, that’s the BEST place to participate. You can share photos, like, comment and get to know other women like us – the Second Half Sisters. (If you aren’t one NOW, you will be someday!) Join: SHC Community Facebook group

4. Bookmark this page, then register as a Free Member below. When you register for the first time it will send you to the Members page. Use the bookmark to get you back here. By registering on my website as a Free Member, you get access to all of my Member content in the Resource Library – which you will NEED for some of the daily tasks.


5. Subscribe to my blog so you don’t miss a post. There will be a blog post for each day, offering a little insight and further instruction. If it makes it easier for you and helps you stay on track, you can subscribe to my blog and you’ll receive an email notification with a direct link. There are instructions at the end of each blog on how to do so. There will also be posts on IG/FB and the FB group, so if you’re following there you’re grand, as the Irish say.

6. Recruit some friends to join us! This isn’t a New Year’s thing – it’s an ALL YEAR thing – and the more the merrier! Invite your bestie, favorite gal pals, sisters, cousins, aunties and co-workers – any like-minded ladies who are looking to age “awesomely.” (It’s NEVER too early or too late to start!)

7. Follow me on Facebook and Instagram. You likely found this program there, so please Like, Follow and Share to help me spread the word. FB: Smoother Health IrelandFound IG: @smootherhealth

A new calendar will be available at the end of each month (27th) and will be emailed to you along with the password for the download. Each day’s ONE task is something related to the eating, moving and lifestyle changes that I teach and encourage in my Menopausal Health Reset program and my Metabolic Kickstart 21•Day Challenge. They will vary and repeat throughout the months and I encourage you to go beyond the ONE task and do more.

All these ONE tasks can be pieced together like a puzzle to get you the information you need to feel better and stronger, with the energy to enjoy your “second half” to its fullest. If you would like to just “get ‘er done” then jump right into my signature 12-week program, the Menopausal Health Reset, which is now available as Self-Guided for a great low price. We won’t have the 1:1 coaching sessions, but you will have direct access to me through our super cool coaching app.

Bonus Super-Power:

ONE thing that I always have my clients do from the beginning is watch this video in Just.ONE.Thing. It’s not my research or work, but I have found it to be an amazingly effective tool for using your circadian rhythm as a “super-power.”

Alone, it provides noticeable benefits like improved sleep, weight loss, better energy and overall wellness and combined with my programs, it kicks the results up to a whole new level.

Even if you don’t try it out for yourself, please watch the video (takes about 20 minutes) so you are armed with this information should you choose to do so later.

This is a terrific “middle-ground” for a spouse who refuses to change WHAT they eat but desperately needs to in order to improve their failing health.

Please give it a watch.

🌀 🧡 🌀 🧡 🌀

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